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How to Make a 3D iPhone Party Invitation

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For my Son’s 13th Birthday I created these 3D iPhone Party Invitations.  They actually look just like an iPhone 4 and I think they came out pretty cool.  This is a great invite for Tweens or anyone really into Technology, like my son.

I am going to show you how I created them, but they do take a little bit of work and you will have to have some basic knowledge of photo editing etc..

See my Son is a major Techno Geek and one of his favorite toys is his iPhone 4 so when we were planning his 13th Birthday I was researching iPhone Party Invitations.  I saw one I had liked and decided I would create that, but then my son said lets make them 3D instead of plain ol’ flat invite and he knew of a 3D Paper iPhone Template he had seen to just that. So combining the two we came up with our invites.

You can find the 3D Paper iPhone 4 Template we used HERE.

So all I did for this was save that Template as a JPG and import ../it_into_Microsoft_Publisher__you_can_use_Photoshop__Gimp_or_any_Photo_Editing_Program.css). I used Publisher because it was quicker for me and of course I waited until the last minute to get this done – go figure !! Then I located JPGs of the following iPhone Apps – Note Pad, Calender, Clock, Map & Phone.

Then I just created a Text Square and colored it in white and placed on top of the image on the phone leaving the top portion still showing. I then added my iPhone Apps JPGs on top of that to the left. And using more Text Boxes I added in all the Party Info next to each of them. This method was quick and simple for me and whether you are proficient with Photo Editing programs or not anyone can do this like I did right in Publisher. I say whatever works for you to get the job done.

Once I was done with that I printed them out on a Heavy Card Stock, you can also opt to print them on Photo Paper too for a more shiny finish.

Here is what I did next:

When I printed mine out I did get some Black lines on my iPhone, but that may have been because I was low on Black Ink at the time of printing, but it worked out well since my son has a decal on his phone that looks similar to that – so BONUS for me. (Yes I have replaced my ink since – lol). Then I cut around all of the edges – this takes some time. I modified the cuts a bit so that when the edges would be folded I could round them just like the real iPhone (you can see in the photos what I did).

I also cut pieces of Cardboard Boxes into the shape of the phone for the insides so they would be sturdy. I did them 2 pieces high for the thickness. So then you simply fold up all of your sides carefully and using double stick tape I put it all together and again I rounded my sides. I did this while watching TV, it was tedious and I felt like I was doing Origami, but I got the job done pretty quickly. I am thankful I limited my son to picking only 5 of his closest friends to come so I only had to create 5 of them.

Then I just stuck them into Envelopes and I cannot wait to see what his friends think of them.

My son does not want a Crazy Themed Party being his is going to be 13 this year, but I am adding touches to his party that I think are Geeky Cool. So stay tuned for more posts from this party Coming Soon. Invitations !!


12 Responses to “How to Make a 3D iPhone Party Invitation”
  1. Karen says:

    Too cute!!! I will have to use these for my son, he is a techno fanatic as well.

  2. Latisha Horton (Eccentric Designs) says:

    I love, love, love, this idea … thank you for sharing!

  3. Coffeeliqueur says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I would love to make the iPad version of this 3D invitation. I’m also going to print your Angry Birds balloon template to be used for my son’s 7th birthday party. Just like you, my head is also exploding with ideas about Angry Birds birthday theme that my son picked. Even more ideas come up from checking out this website. I haven’t played the Angry Bird game but because of this birthday theme, now I am addicted to that game! 🙂 Thank you for sharing wonderful beautiful ideas! Hopefully my son’s bday party will be successful and when it is, I will share you the story 🙂

  4. kendrah says:

    omg so cool i am making these for my bday party so cool!!!

  5. Marlo says:

    Can I purchase these from you already made? I love them!!!!

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