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6 Very Sweet Candy Corn Cupcake Ideas

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I don’t know about you, but when fall comes around the one thing I always have to have in my house is some Candy Corn. I fill a bowl and have them available when I need that little sugar rush – usually in the afternoon. I have a feeling I am not the only one either? Hmmmm?

Recently I have come across Candy Corn Cupcakes and the combination of the two makes me very excited. So I decided to show you 6 of my very Favorite Candy Corn Cupcake Ideas I came across that would be perfect for your Halloween or Fall Parties. The kids are going to LOVE these – I know I do.

So here are 6 Very Sweet Candy Corn Cupcake Ideas that I think SCREAM Fall !!

1. Candy Corn Cupcakes by the Curvy Carrot – These I think are great using the Candy Corn Colors piled up for the frosting. How simple, but so festive is that?

2. Candy Corn Cupcakes by Our Best Bites – Now I loves theses – The Candy Corn surprise is on the inside. This is done by coloring your batter and with layering. Then with the white frosting on the top it completes you Candy Corn. Can you say Yummy !!!

3. Candy Corn Cake Pops by All Things a Ro – Now these are just like Cupcakes, but even better because they are bite size on a stick.  I would love to have a Bouquet of them right now,  since it is the afternoon ya know.

4. Candy Corn Cupcakes by Cake Believe – What I love about these Cupcakes are the Fondant Candy Corn with the smile faces and special Halloween Messages on them. Those just have SWEET written all over them.

5. Candy Corn Monster Cupcake by Better Homes and Gardens – Now how cute is that? There is just something I love so much about that one and I bet kids would too.

6. Candy Corn Brownies by The Nibble – Ok these are not Cupcakes, but for me Brownies rock too so I had to add these in. These are Chocolate Covered and Sprinkled with Sanding Sugar in the shape of a Sweet Candy Corn. I woudl trade my Candy Corn for one of those any day.

If you have made a Candy Corn Treat – share it with me and I will add it right here for all to see !! I hope you were inspired by these Candy Corn Cupcakes as much as I was – they are on my To Do List – so which one should I make first?


8 Responses to “6 Very Sweet Candy Corn Cupcake Ideas”
  1. CherylsArt says:

    These look so cool, especially number two. Number two could be enhanced with some orange flavoring for the orange part of the cupcake. Yummy!

  2. That would make them even more yummy !!!

  3. Karen says:

    Thanks for the link! And just so you know, the candy corn on the cupcakes are actual homemade candy corn….WAY better than fondant!!!
    Thanks again for spotlighting my cupcakes! You Rock!

  4. Uh Yummy is all I can say. I have heard Fondant does not taste very good so I bet that is so good.

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