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Air Hedz – Giant Inflatable Headwear

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Let the kids have some fun dressing up in some Giant Inflatable Headwear called Air Hedz. This has to be the coolest new way to dress up that I have seen this year.

Air Hedz are so simple – Just Inflate and Stick on your head and go. Did I mention they were GIANT – yes they can be as tall as 2′. Talk about a conversation starter when the kids are out Trick or Treating.

The other thing I really like about these is that they are lightweight, which is great for the kids. I knew when I came across these in my web travels I had to share them. I think they are beyond cool !! OH and they have something for both the Kids and the Adults – BONUS !!

Here let me show you what I am talking about:

For the kids you will find a Inflatable Alien Head with Hands, Inflatable Robot Head and Blaster Gun, Inflatable Princess Wig and Wand, Inflatable Pirate Hat and Sword, Inflatable Fireman Hat and Axe, Inflatable Nurse Wig and Nurse Kit, Inflatable Popstar Wig and Mic and Inflatable Cowboy Hat and Gun.

Just pair up the Inflatable Heads with some matching clothing and you are set.  Oh and I forgot to mention how BUDGET FRIENDLY these are  – retail is only about $9.99 each.

Look what else I found – Bluw the company behind Air Hedz is releasing a Transformers line. Right now they are only available in the UK, but hopefully will be here soon. Tell me Transformer lovers will not go crazy for these. So far they have created an Inflatable Optimus Prime Head and Sword, Inflatable Bumblebee Head with Sword and Inflatable Megatron Head with Sword.

I will be on the look out for when they get released and will update this post when that happens. Also stay tuned because I think they will be many more of these Inflatable Heads featuring the kids favorite Licensed Characters coming our way in the near future.

Now let me show you what is available for us Adults or Big Head Kids – lol

Ok how fun are these? Inflatable Frankensteins Monster Head, Inflatable Bride of Frankenstein, Inflatable Afro Wig, Inflatable Beehive Wig, Inflatable Elvis Wig, Inflatable Mohawk, Inflatable Skeleton Wig and an Inflatable Rasta Wig.

Are you just laughing to yourself seeing someone wearing one of these? Come on you know you are.

How fun would any of these be as Birthday Party Hats? Imagine a crowd all wearing them –  ha ha

I was able to find most of them being sold here on Amazon – they are making their way into stores, but you can also check their website Bluw if you cannot locate the one you want.

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