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Balloon Animal Jell-O Mold – Great for Parties

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Yes you read that right a Balloon Animal Jell-O Mold, not clowning around I promise. This is just another way to make your Jell-O Fun for your next party and the kids are going to LOVE it.

This Balloon Animal Jell-O Mold is available here at Perpetual Kid, one of my personal favorite websites. Kids love Balloon Animals so could you just imagine their faces when you bring out one made of Jell-O for them to eat?

My daughter and I are big Jell-O eaters in my house and I was doing some Christmas browsing when I came across this and thought it would be a great gift idea for her. Making your Jell-O in a fun mold is so much better than in just a cup any day. Besides how fun will it be to watch this Wiggle & Jiggle on the plate. I cannot tell you how much fun my daughter and her friend had playing with the Jell-O Brain I made for Halloween – they got such a kick out of watching it move – it cracked me up.

There is also this Gummy Bear Jell-O Mold which is cute beyond words too – which one to get – Heck I think I am getting them both – she will love them !!

Seriously how fun would either these be at your next party? I know my daughter will love creating these when she has her friends over.

The Gummy Bear Mold is also a great addition to an iCarly Party or for a big iCarly Fan since she has Gummy Bears all over her room on the show.

There are so many new Jell-O Molds on the market, but these two have to me my favorites.

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