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Build a Bear Smurfs are flying off the shelves

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Did you know you can now create a Smurf at the Build a Bear Workshop? Yes it is true, but if you want to get in on this activity you better hurry because they are flying off the shelves.

Right now at Build a Bear you can stuff a 17″ Smurfette Plush or a 17″ Clumsy Smurf, but they are so popular they are having a hard time keeping them in stock and the Smurfs Movie has not even hit the theater yet.  I know a large part of the Smurfs popularity comes from us parents who grew up watching the Smurfs Cartoons and wanting our kids to love them like we did – YES I am guilty of that too. I love the Smurfs as you know if you follow my blog posts.

In addition to the Stuff a Smurfs available at Build a Bear they also have some that are pre-stuffed including 10″ Size Papa Smurf, Gutsy Smurf and Brainy Smurf.

Now I will let you in on a little secret I know…. If your local Build a Bear is out of Clumsy Smurf or Smurfette you can order them online here at Build-A-Bear Workshop. When you get to the check out you will see a box that says Special Instructions – in that box you can put SEND UN-STUFFED. When you receive your Smurf Plush you can then take it to your local Build a Bear and have it stuffed at no charge. Or you can stuff them at home using stuffing you can purchase at your local craft store. Now that would be a fun activity for a Smurfs Birthday Party !!

Remember these Build a Bear Smurfs are limited Editions and once they are gone they are gone, BUT I did hear a rumor that they may bring them back to the store in November when the Smurfs Movie DVD is released. That is just a rumor I heard.

Build a Bear also has a nice variety of Smurf Outfits to fit both Clumsy Smurf and Smurfette and you may also want to choose the 2 in 1 Sound to insert into your Smurf that feature songs from the Smurfs Movie – It plays “Walk this Way” and also the Smurfs Theme Song.

I also love this Smurf Hat and Smurf Slippers from Build a Bear that will fit on any other large Plush your child may already have and it is a fun option if you cannot find the other Smurfs. How cute are they?

So Hurry Up and order your Build a Bear Smurfs before they are gone……

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