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Make the kids smile with a Bunny Pancake Breakfast

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Want a fun way to get the kids to smile in the morning? Serve them up an adorable Bunny Pancake Breakfast. It is so EASY to do and you probably already have ingredients in your house to do it.

I cannot take the credit for this cuteness because my friend Kim was the one who made this breakfast for her little boys. She was kind enough to let me share it with all of you – Thanks Kim !!

All she did was cook up some pancakes, used one for the Bunny Face and cut another one in half for the Bunny’s ears. Then taking items she had on hand she used Strawberry Go-Gurt to create some rosy cheeks and pink ears on the bunny, cut a fresh strawberry in half for the nose, gave it raspberry eyes and used white chocolate chips to make teeth. Is that clever or what?

Not only did her two little boys have a healthy start to the day – they also had a great BIG Smile after seeing these Bunny Pancakes on their plates. It is the little things like this that can brighten a day and get it started off in the right direction. I love it !!

Oh and if you need a little help creating your pancake shapes try using a Pancake Pen

– I have one and it is great.

Come on – How cute are they? I bet you are smiling too !!

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So have some fun and create some Bunny Pancakes for your family. The limit is your imagination and who says you can only have Bunny Pancakes for Easter?

And I will leave you with this – A Pancake Bunny !!

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