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Calling all Gleeks: Official Glee Party Supplies are here

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Exciting news for Gleeks everywhere: The Official Glee Party Supplieshave hit the market. They are Bright, Colorful and feature some of your favorite Glee Cast – Finn Hudson, Rachel Berry, Kurt Hummel, Mercedes Jones, Sue Sylvester, Artie Abrams, Tina, Will Schuester and more.

Of course the Glee Party Supplies would not be complete without the Glee cast members looking like they are tossing a Big Quench Slushie on you, now would they?

So whether you are having a Glee Birthday Party or just a fun Glee Party where you all get together to watch the show on TV, these Glee Party Supplies are perfect for serving up your treats and of course your Big Quench Slushies !!! So be one of the first to sport these new Glee Party Supplies at your Party and show everyone what a True Gleek you really are !! lol

To see all the Supplies available Visit Here: Glee Party Supplies

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