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Candyland Costumes – A SWEET way to dress up for Halloween

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How could I not share these SWEET Candyland Costumes – Who does not love a good game of Candyland? This classic children’s game never goes out of style and is just as popular today as it was when I was a child many years ago – and that was a long time ago. But these Candyland Halloween Costumes are new this year and they look as SWEET as the game itself.

I can see many little girls exited to wear this Candyland Costume (pictured to the right) that will be as sweet as they are. This costume features the Colorful Candyland Road of colors that glitter from the top to the bottom. Then you can see Candyland Logo around the waist.  Of course what Candyland Costume would be complete with out some candy and there are a couple of fun lollipops on top of the dress.

This Candyland Costume is available in Toddler/Child Sizes: 2T, 3T-4T and 4-6X.

BUT wait there is more…. You will also find a Candyland Deluxe Costumeif you want to kick it up a notch. This one is just as cute, but a little more fancy I guess. You will still find the Colorful Candyland Road of Colors, Some Swirl Lollipops, but you also get a pair of Detachable Wings and a Jeweled Headpiece. I think of this one as the Candyland Fairy.

This Candyland Deluxe Costume is available in Toddler/Child Sizes: 2T, 3T-4T and 4-6X.

Both of these dresses do not come with the shoes, but the Pink Sparkle Ballerina Shoesare the perfect addition to these costumes.

They are available in Child Sizes – 9/10 – 4.5

Then give your child a Giant Rainbow Lollipop to carry and they are all set and ready for Halloween.

I also think that these Candyland Costumes would also be great to be worn by the Guest of Honor at a Candyland Birthday Party Theme.  How great would the Birthday Girl look at her own party matching the theme. I love that !!! So these costume are not just for Halloween ya know.

Just to let you know you can also find Adult Candyland Costumes too – so Mom and Dad can get into the fun. Dad can be the Candy King in the Plum Velvet Coat with the crown that has a Gumdrop Trim.

And Mom can dress in this Sassy but Sweet game board dress with petticoat, candy-striped knee highs and a cute hat.

It is Fun for the whole family – How cute  – or should I say SWEET!!! Remember to be careful around the Molasses Swamp.

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