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Cheesecake filled Fillo Shells are a Quick and Easy Party Snack

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If you are looking for a Quick and Easy Party Snack then these Cheesecake filled Fillo Shells will fit the bill. Best part is you can make them in minutes with no baking and they are YUMMY.

I am always on the hunt for appetizers/finger foods that I can whip up in minutes for my parties so when I recently sampled these Cheesecake filled Fillo Shells at my local store I was sold.

For one I LOVE the Mini Fillo Shells because you can use them in so many ways and second I am a Cheesecake Lover – so this combination worked for me. So I added these to my “To Make List” for my New Years Party and they were a hit with all – young and old. So of course I had to share !!

Here is all you need to create these delicious Cheesecake Fillo Shells:

  • A Box or two of the Athen’s Mini Fillo Shells (each box has 15 and you can find them in your local grocery store)
  • 1 Container of Philadelphia’s Ready to Eat  Cheesecake Filling
  • Fresh Fruit to top them with – I used Blueberries and Strawberries

All you do to create these is take a spoon and fill each of the Fillo Shells with some Cheesecake Filling and top with some fruit if you like. You can serve them immediately or stick them in the fridge till your party guests come. That is it !!!

How EASY is that? and trust me they are sooooo good.

I do have one warning for you though – these can be hazardous to your waste line because before you know it you will have popped about 10 in your mouth – be careful !!  So give them a try and don’t say I don’t warn ya – lol!!

Enjoy !!

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