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Chocolate M&M Pretzel Buttons

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Have you even seen Chocolate M&M Pretzel Buttons before? A mix of Sweet & Salty in just the right amount for a bite size treat everyone will love. So EASY to create and they make the perfect snack for your party.

I had never heard of these prior to chatting with an old lady in the Deli Line at the grocery store the other day. I saw that she had a bag of Chocolate Melting Wafers in her cart and I am always curious about what others are creating so I asked. Yes that is me – I will talk to anyone, anywhere. So she told me about this idea with the Pretzels and M&M’s and so I grabbed a bag of pretzels on my way out to try these for myself. She also gave me another recipe I had to write down that I will try in the next few weeks.

I decided to create some of these for Easter this year – Make ahead and store in a Ziploc Baggie. See my one sister in law is a full fledged Chocoholic, M&M Crazy & loves Pretzels so I though these would be right up her alley (you know who I am talking about – EILEEN).

These are great anytime of year and there are so many ways you can create them too. Let me show you how EASY they are and I love EASY.

Here is what I used to create these Chocolate M&M Pretzel Buttons:

  • Mini Pretzels – I used Regular Shaped ones, but you can use any shape you like
  • Chocolate Melting Wafers – I used lots of colors because I was making them for Easter
  • M&Ms – I used the Pastel Easter M&Ms again because I was making them for Easter

So here is what you do…. Preheat your oven to 350. Take your pretzels and line them up like good little soldiers on your Cookie Sheets. Then place 1 Chocolate Melting Wafer on top of each one.  So far so Easy right? Totally !!

Now put your pretzels into the oven – You only want the Chocolate to melt enough to stick to the pretzel and soft enough to stick in your M&M. The Milk Chocolate Wafers will melt a lot quicker than the Colors & Vanilla. After my first batch I separated them. I found the Milk Chocolate only took about 2 minutes and the Vanilla and the Colors about 3 minutes.

Once out take an M&M and place on the top of each one. Then I took my Cookie Sheet and stuck it into the fridge to set up and harden. When that is done they pop right off the Cookie Sheet and you are DONE !!!

How Yummy do those look? Mine looked like little Hearts with Chocolate Middles. They are just the right mix of Sweet & Salty and hard to eat just one – Trust me, I know.

My Hubby and Kids loved them and I had to set a side some for them to have and the rest went into a Ziploc till Easter – Hidden of course.

Think of all the possibilities and variations you can do with these. Between Pretzel Shapes, Chocolate Colors and even other Candy Choices – maybe Peanut M&Ms, Nuts, Sprinkles etc…

Not only are these great to serve at your next Party, but they also make great Party Favors & Classroom Treats as well.


32 Responses to “Chocolate M&M Pretzel Buttons”
  1. SISTA PEEP says:

    I would just call them Ei’s!!!

  2. Faye says:

    I’ve had these before, and they are so-o-o good!! Warning: they are addictive! I made them for Christmas using the white chocolate wafers and red & green m&ms. You can use them for any holiday or occassion…or just to eat because you want to! Also, they make a great little gift. I plan to make some for my aunt as a birthday gift.

  3. Pam says:

    I have had these before and they are really good. The taste of chocolate and pretzels together are yummy!

  4. Paige Graves says:

    I followed your tweet here! I’m sooo glad to find this article and add it to my list of Easter M&M Treats. I’m linking to you from there. This is the first time I’ve seen these pretzel treats with the colored wafers – totally festive for Easter.

  5. Thank You so much – I appreciate it

  6. They really are super Yummy !!!

  7. Yes addictive is right – I was eating some of the stash last night. There are so many ways you can make these and I am so making them for every occasion for sure !!!

  8. Heidi says:

    In stead of the chocolate wafers use rolos. You could top them with a pecan or the m&m. Then you get a bit of caramel with the chocolate and pretzel. Yummmmmm! : )

  9. Kim L says:

    I’ve made these before but instead of a chocolate wafer I use Rolos. OMG!!! They are so good!y5kv

  10. Susie says:

    I’ve made these at Christmas using Hershey kisses for the chocolate. I love the idea of using the different colors of candy! I think I’ll have to make these for Easter too!

  11. I wish I knew about these before, but now that I do I will also be making them for all holidays – so EASY.

  12. Great idea – I will have to try that as well – Thanks ;0)

  13. Yael says:

    They look totally cute and very tasty I will be making these myself for sure!!

  14. They are so EASY and very yummy and addicting too

  15. Bonnie says:

    I have made these with Hershey Treasures (dark choc with caramel or raspberry), rather than the wafers, and they are fabulous.

  16. How good do they look? I reckon I could eat about 100 of them! My kids would love them too.

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