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Club Penguin Pinata

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Looking to add some fun to your Club Penguin Birthday Party? Then why not add in a Club Penguin Pinata

. I believe this Pinata to be Handmade since there are no official Club Penguin Party Supplies on the market as of yet.

I found this while searching around on EBay and just had to share it. At the time I am posting this there are a couple of them available for sale from EBay Seller (hectornadh) here: Club Penguin Pinata

. Each one is 36″x17″x12″ and the seller states they can be filled with up to 2.5 Pounds of Candy – WoW !!

My daughter is a HUGE fan of Club Penguin and she would have loved to have had this at her Penguin Party a couple years back. I bet if I showed this to her she would just want it to hang out in her room. I think buying Pinatas as room decorations is fun and thsi one would definitely be loved by all Club Penguin Fans out there.

If for some reason when you view this that Club Penguin Pinata is not available here is a great Idea I found that is Super Easy to do. I found this other handmade Puffle Pinata over at Cut Out& Keep and it is just as cool. The person who created this bought a Soccer Ball Pinata and removed the paper on it and recovered it with a Yellow Crepe Paper.  They then added on the Puffle’s face using Felt and added on some Yellow Pipe Cleaners to the top as the Puffle’s Hair. Is that Clever or what? I love that !!!

Also stop by my Penguin Birthday Party post where you will find lots of fun ideas that you can use at your Club Penguin Party.

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