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Crayola’s Washable Colored Bubbles

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Bubble Blowing just got more colorful with Crayola’s Washable Colored Bubbles. Crayola just took Bubbles to a whole new level with these Bubbles !! They are currently available in 5 Bright Colors that will bring so much more fun to Bubbletime!!

I love Bubbles and I always have a large stock of them in my home every summer for the kids and my Dogs who also love to get into the bubble popping action. When I saw these Colored Bubbles I cannot tell you how excited I got – just like a kid !! These are definitely on my must have list to try out this summer.

The Colors currently available are: Pink Flamingo, Wild Blue Yonder, Screaming Green, Sunset Orange and Purple Pizzazz.

Do Note: These should not be used Indoors because even though they are washable they can still leave some marks. They are made for Outdoor use only.

Here are Crayola’s Official Tips:

The bright, bold, vibrant bubble colors are so much fun, they will leave colorful marks. Here are some helpful hints to let kids have lots of colorful fun and for moms not to worry about the mess!

Super soak it! An extra-fun day may result in a few stubborn marks. Don’t sweat it if some colors are still visible after washing clothes. Just pre-soak in water and detergent for 20 minutes and rewash. The colors will wash out.

Catch some rays! Sunlight will help to fade colors on the ground that don’t immediately wash off with a hose!

Bubble play, the outdoor way! Mom always said, “Don’t blow bubbles in the house!” That goes double for Colored Bubbles which are designed for outdoor use only.

Saturday sweats, not Sunday bests! Wear play clothes when using Colored Bubbles. Never bring them to formal occasions like weddings or other events where folks are not dressed for the mess!

Go from blacktops to green fields. If you’d rather not colorize your driveway or sidewalk, Colored Bubbles work great in the backyard or in other grassy areas.

So as you can see these Washable Colored Bubbles do have some rules. Be sure to know the mess you may get into with these for you may have colored splotches all over the place, but Crayola does promise easy clean up. Just be prepared. I have not tried these myself so I cannot tell you the outcome as of yet.

To go along with these New Bubbles there is also the Washable Colored Bubbles Bubble Launcher, which is kid powered and requires No Batteries. Then there is also the Washable Colored Bubbles Wand Set that allows you to snap a wand into the lid of any of the Colored Bubbles bottles and create cool bubble effects.

Of course you can always just make your own Bubbles the Old Fashioned way like I do in a Big Bucket filled with a variety of Bubble Blowing Wands. Kids love this !!

Here is the Simple Bubble Recipe:

2/3 Cup Dawn Dishwashing Soap
1 Gallon Water
2 to 3 Tablespoons of Glycerin (can find at the Pharmacy)


8 Responses to “Crayola’s Washable Colored Bubbles”
  1. Brittanie says:

    Not sure if you have seen the reviews, but this stuff STAINS REALLY bad! Clothes, patio furniture, skin and countertops all stained! I had already bought some, but I think I am going to super dilute it to be safe

  2. Yes I have and they are mixed. That is why I added in all about be prepared for the mess. I think they sound like fun, but I have yet to try them for myself – so let me know what you think.

  3. MaryAnne Harper says:

    DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. My grandson received three bottles for Easter presents. Billions Bubbles are by far more superior than the Crayola Washable Colored Bubbles. First of all, the “Washable” colored bubbles STAINED EVERYTHING it came near. (TYG they did it outside). The age group was from 2 years old to 12 years old. Very hard to get any bubbles and we really could not see that they produced any color. Their hands, arms and face were all badly stained. Took a great deal of scrubing to get most of the stains off their skin. Forget the clothes…they will never be the same.
    I will never purchase Crayola’s line of bubbles again.

  4. Thank you for sharing your review – this helps many other parents make the choice on whether or not to buy. That stinks, I had high hopes for them, but will stick to my own Bubbles.

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