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Crazy Monkey Toy that throws a Tantrum

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This has to be one of the Funniest Toys I have seen in a long time and I could not help but share.  It is definitely a great gift idea for Monkey Lovers or for those who just need a great laugh – no matter what your age.

When I first can across this Toy and watched it in action I was laughing so hard. This Electronic Plush Crazy Monkey will have a complete Tantrum when you remove the Banana from his hand. He will Scream, Cry and throw a complete Hissy Fit until you return it. Boy did this take me back years to when my kids were little, but I just could not help but laugh.

This Crazy Monkey is HUNGRY and ready to eat and even the bib he wears says “Don’t Touch my Food” and he is armed with a Spoon in one hand and a Banana in the other. BUT once you take away his Banana you are in for it !!!  I guess this is one time you want to Feed the Animals.

Here take a look at him in action:

Having a Monkey Birthday Party? How fun would this be to sit on the table and see if any of the guests Touch his Food or if they will actually read the Bib and stay away. Hmmmm I think it would be a definite giveaway if they Touch it huh?

He is available here at Amazon and is under $20 Bucks – I may have to have one myself !!

Here is another on that is Similar Called Feed the Monkey by Chantilly Lane.

Come on these Monkey Toys are BANANAS, but could be a lot of fun right?

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