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Custom Wood Bean Bag Toss Games and more

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If you are looking for some fun unique games to have at your next Birthday Party then I have found them. How about Custom Wood Bean Bag Toss Games? Ebay seller Mtlaurelpartygames creates these one of a kind games that have been selling like Hot Cakes and getting great Feedback from their customers and I can see why.

Each one is Hand Painted on wood and comes with a fold up self supporting stand and Bean Bags for tossing. Their prices are amazing and they will no doubt be a hit at your party. What I really like is the fact that when the party is over the kids still get to keep the game and continuing playing whenever they like so it is an added bonus. Being they are wood they are very sturdy and will last.  Each one is Approx 20″ X 14″ is size – just perfect. Or you can take a look at some of their larger Bean Toss Games with more holes and more fun.

There are so many characters to choose from like Pink Poodles, Thomas the Tank Engine, Spongebob, Circus Clowns, Elmo, Dora & Diego, Hello Kitty, Woody, Shrek, Mario, Spiderman, Snoopy, Football Players, Baseball Players, Pirates, Princesses – I can go on and on, BUT the fact is if you do not see it they will make it. They can even personalize the wood game for you with the Birthday Child’s Name all you need to do is ask. I love that!!!

I am not done yet – in addition to the Bean Bass Toss Games they also have Custom Ring Toss Games too. That’s right – even more fun!!! You can add one of those in too to match your Party Theme. Same thing applies here – Any Character you want they can do. They are made the same size as the Bean Bag Toss Games and also include the fold up supporting stand and Rings for tossing.

I feel like a blogging infomercial when I type this so here it goes – But wait there is more…. Not only do they have the Bean Bag and Ring Toss Games, but they also offer Knock Em Down Games and Take a Fun Picture Characters.

The Knock Em Down Games are just like you would play at a carnival. The kids toss bean bags at the boards and try to knock them down and score points by doing so. They would have a certain number of  tries to see how many they can knock over on their turn. Each one is Approx 11″ x 17″ and usually comes in a set of three and includes 6 Bean Bags and self supporting stand. And again they will make any Character you are looking for.

Now lets talk about the Fun Picture Characters. These are where the kids get to stick their head in a hole and have the body of one of their favorite characters or a fun cartoon.  And once again they will make any Character you are looking for all you need to do is ask them. I happen to love these at parties and so do the kids. I know because I had made some of these myself at one of my daughter’s Luau Parties – you can see mine HERE.  The kids had so much fun sticking their heads in and posing for some really funny photos. You can also use the photos and print them out and mail them to your guests as your Thank You for a nice surprise after the party. These are very affordable and lots of fun.

Now if you are having a Circus Theme Birthday Party or a Carnival Theme then you will find all the fun games with this seller as well.  Not only do they have a Fun Ticket Booth for your party, they also have Clown Bean Bag and Ring Toss Games and my favorite is their series of Fun Picture Characters like The Strongest Man, Clowns, The Bearded Lady,  The Fat Lady, Ring Master, Caged Lion and so many more. Imagine having them all at the party for the kids and adults to have their pictures taken – I can hear the laughing now. Take a look at some of them below – that is just a small taste of what is available.

To Order any of these great Games I have talked about just visit:

Ebay seller Mtlaurelpartygames and order them today.


4 Responses to “Custom Wood Bean Bag Toss Games and more”
  1. Julian says:

    My kids love the bean bag toss game! we set up ours in the front lawn and they love it. keeps them outside and some of the neighbor kids come over as well. It sure beats them inside playing video games.

  2. Thanks for stopping by – it is no doubt a game the kids can play over and over

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