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Easter Costumes for the Kids

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Move over Fancy Easter Dresses and Button Down Shirts and make room for some great Easter Costumes.  Let the kids dress up for Easter in a much different way this year and have a little extra fun.

How much fun would it be if your kids showed up to Easter Dinner as the Easter Bunny themselves or maybe a Chick, Peep, Duck, Lamb or even a Giant colored Easter Egg. There are so many great Easter Costumes available for the Kids that could really turn your Easter into one memorable photo opportunity.

Of course there is nothing wrong with the adults getting into the action either. I can remember when I was younger, my step mother came out of the house and surprised us all in this CraZy Eater Bunny Costume on Easter. Her face was painted white with whiskers, she wore this hideous Blue Suit that she stuffed with I think paper, Sunglasses, Orange Socks, carried a Carrot and yes that is a cigarette in her mouth.

We had never laughed so hard and we did not even have kids yet when she did this. But when we did that CraZy Eater Bunny suit came back out of storage and made for some funny photos and maybe our kids never looked at Grandma the same after that – lol But I have to tell you we have some priceless memories and photos with that CraZy Eater Bunny and it makes me laugh every time I see them.

Costumes are not just for Halloween and can turn any occasion into some fun unforgettable memories. Now I have never personally dressed up as the Easter Bunny for my kids the way Grandma did and I am not too sure what ever happened to that costume, but I do always have my Bunny Ears for me and the kids.

Maybe this year you can change things up a bit and Dress the kids in a fun Easter Costume and create your own fun memories when you surprise your family.  Or maybe the entire family can dress up – now that would be fun !!!

To the left is when my step mother dressed up the 1st time – before we had kids in the family (That is me on the bottom). The picture to the right is when she did it again after we had kids. Holidays have always been a bit crazy in my family and that is just how I love to remember them – Fun Times.

So try something different this year and have a HOPPY Easter !!

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