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Eggs, Bacon and Toast Muffins are a perfect Sleepover Party Breakfast

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These Eggs, Bacon and Toast Muffins are a Quick and Easy Breakfast Idea.  In addition to that they look and taste great and even with one eye open you can make them and I know for most of us that is important, I know it is to me.

My Sista Peep told me about these since I am always looking for quick Breakfast Ideas for the kids to make in the morning.  Being I like anything EASY I decided to give this recipe a try for Breakfast this morning and of course I had the camera handy to document it. There are many ways to change it up, but for my first time I kept it simple and went with just the Eggs, Bacon and Toast. So let me show you what I did….

Here is all you need to make these Breakfast Muffins:

  • Eggs – 1 Egg per Muffin
  • Cooked Bacon – I used the Oscar Mayer Cooked Bacon that comes in the Box
  • Toast – 1 Slice per Muffin

Now take a look at how EASY they are to make:

Preheat your oven to 350

First I lightly toasted my Bread. Then I found a cup in my cabinet that would cut a circle from my toast that would fit in the bottom of my Muffin Pan (good Ol’ Scooby Doo to the rescue). Place your Toast circle in the bottom of your Muffin Pan. Then take your Cooked Bacon and wrap it around the sides of the Muffin Pan on top of your Toast. Then simply Crack and Egg right into the middle of that. How EASY is that?

Then just stick that all into the oven until the egg in the middle gets cooked to your liking. I had mine in for about 20 minutes.

Then just pop them out and Breakfast is served !!

Here is what one looks like cut in half – YUMMY. For me the next time I will cook it less cause I like my yolks a bit runny and the left over edges of the Toast will be perfect for dipping. The kids like them more cooked so I will just take mine out a bit sooner.

It was still delicious and you can change it up by scrambling up the eggs and then pouring them in before baking, add some cheese to the top, mix in some cooked sausage or even use a Biscuit for the bottom etc…

The thing that makes these so great is how EASY these were to make and I cannot say that enough. That is why I think these would be a perfect breakfast idea for a Sleepover Party. I know after being kept up all night by Giggles and Music playing I need something that is quick and easy to whip up and know the kids had a good meal.

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2 Responses to “Eggs, Bacon and Toast Muffins are a perfect Sleepover Party Breakfast”
  1. SISTA PEEP says:

    QUICK and EASY!! That is the way to go!!!

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