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Free Birds Party Theme Ideas

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free birds party ideasThe new Free Birds Movie will be hitting theaters November 1st and I think it is a fun one to plan a party around. I am going to share with you some fun ideas for a Free Birds Party Theme right here!!

If you have a child whose birthday falls in November I would definitely consider this party theme.  It is so hard to come up with unique party themes for those fall/winter babies, trust me I dealt with that for many years being my son was born in January. Anyway this movie looks adorable and fits the season and of course would be a fun party idea to celebrate fall as well.

The movie is based on the characters who are Turkeys that travel back in time to the first Thanksgiving Day Dinner to try and change the tradition of us eating Turkey.  It looks really funny and I cannot wait to go see it myself, but regardless I will still eat Turkey this Thanksgiving, just sayin’

So I am going to give you some ideas to inspire you to think about using this theme for your party. Basically you would take all the kids you invite to go see the Free Birds Movie in the theater and because we all know that can get pricey, depending on how many you invite, you want to to finish off the party back at your home in a budget friendly way but continue the fun. Luckily for you I will show you how to do that!!

Oh and my tips for bringing the kids to the movies in a group and to save on having to buy all those snacks. First off if your theater offers the free refills on popcorn what we do is bring with us paper bags and buy maybe 2 of the ones that come with free refills. Once we get into the theater we give each child a portion of that in the bags. Yeah I know you are really not suppose to do that, but hey we all need to save a buck or two.  You may need to still buy drinks unless you smuggle some water bottles/juice boxes in – lol. We have also taken in ziploc bags filled with a mix of candy and handed those out to the kids in the theater too. If it makes you feel better talk with management prior to going.

Free Birds Party InvitationsFirst lets talk about your Free Birds Party Invitations.  I was able to find this Free Birds Movie Ticket Party Invitation

on Ebay which is perfect when you are taking them to see the movie. The seller will also personalize it with all your party information too.

Other options are creating some yourself (my favorite alternative) – you can create your own Paper Turkeys using construction paper like the one shown in the upper right hand corner. Then just hand write all your party info on the wings and the belly of the Turkey.

This time of year you can also find these Turkey Craft Kits

at your local craft store or online. The one pictured is using foam parts you just stick together to form your Turkeys. Then again you just write your party info on the front or even on the back.

Of course if you choose to make your own invites, get the kids involved in the process – it makes the party even more personal that way I think.

78426As far as your Free Birds Party Supplies, well there is nothing on the market so you have to get creative here too.No big deal really because there are so many Thanksgiving Day Party Supplies

out in the stores you can use to go with this party theme.

Another options is to go to the dollar store and buy some solid fall colors such as orange, yellow, red, browns and mix and match them. I bet they will even have some fall designs available there too and other fun Turkey Decor you can use to put on the table.

I think you will have no trouble with party supplies for this theme right now – just stick to a budget and save your money for the games, food and activities since you may be taking them to the movies and spending the bulk of your budget there.

Now lets talk about some fun games and activities you can do with the kids – again there is no shortage of ideas for this theme if you search Turkey/Thanksgiving Game and Craft Activities, but I am going to show you some of my favorites that will be fun and work well with the Free Birds Party Theme.

You can have the kids create Turkey Haturkey game ideasnds by simply tracing their hands and then creating their very own colorful version of a Turkey. We actually do this on Thanksgiving and it is fun to see what the kids design year to year.

Have them create Turkey Hats using construction paper – you can have pieces pre cut prior to the party or have the kids do it all. Make sure to have some google eyes on hand for this one to add some fun!!

Play some games of Thanksgiving Bingo – you can find lots of FREE Printable Thanksgiving Bingo Cards online and FREE is the way to go!! Then use Fall M&Ms or Candy Corns for your bingo markers. Easy clean up, they can eat them when done.

I also love this recycled Milk Jug Turkey ball toss game – just create a turkey and cut the opening on the top – use balls you have on hand or even candy and see who has the skills to get it in the hole – or stuff the Turkey!!

turkey game ideas 2How about letting the kids Stuff a Plush Turkey? I sell these 16″ Plush Turkeys on my main website and the kids can stuff them by hand and there is no sewing required to close them up. This will also double as an awesome party favor they take home.

How about playing a game of Pass the Turkey Leg using this Inflatable Turkey Leg

– come on that would be so funny!!

And if your kids love pinatas you can find a few styles of Turkey Pinatas

on the market and they can take turns unstuffing the turkey, lol!!

I also love edible crafts and these Rice Krispy Treat Turkeys are not only yummy, but the kids can decorate them themselves creating the turkey feathers using different candies on toothpicks. I would suggest to make the turkey bodies prior to the body.

And for even more FREE party fun visit the Free Birds Movie Website and you will find they have a ton of free coloring pages and activities you can print out for the kids can do as well.

Now when it comes to your Free Birds Party food again there is no shortage of fun Turkey Food Ideas out there. I will share a bunch I have made and some of my favorites all of which are very EASY to make. BUT if you are serving lunch or diner at this party DO NOT serve Turkey (lol). I would maybe have chicken nuggets or pizza, ha ha.

So here are some of my favorite Turkey Treats you can have for the kids:

Turkey Treat Ideas3D Turkey Cookies – I made those!!

Turkey Cupcakes – So many ideas out there, I love this one and a friend of mine made it.

Nutter Butter Turkey Cookie Pops – another one of mine

Turkey Cake – Love this Turkey Cake and it is so simple to make

MM-Turkey-FavorsThese M&M Turkey Favors are a perfect favor to send your party guests home with as a small thank you token for coming to the party.

So what do you think – Do you think you can pull off a Free Birds Movie Party or what?  I think I gave you a ton of ideas and inspiration to do just that. Honestly I think this party would be so much fun and the kids will really enjoy getting to see this movie too.

If you have a Free Birds Party let me know and send me some photos, because I would love to see how it all came together!!

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