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Fun and Easy Scrabble Game Craft Ideas

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Here are some fun and EASY Crafts using a Scrabble Game and the Tiles to create a great gift anyone will love. This Family Tree Scrabble Game Craft and other Scrabble Tile Craft Ideas are just as fun to create as they are to give.

In my family we have a tradition that has gone on for years where my in laws and I create a craft for each other to exchange on Christmas.  I came up with the idea to do this a long time ago because we would always focus on just the kids and I thought it would be nice for all of us adults to exchange as well. It is always so much fun for me to open the gifts from them and see what they created and knowing they put thought and time into it – to me that is worth more than any store bought gift.

Of course it is just us women who do it, but that is OK. We also get the kids involved too and they have to craft up an ornament for each of the families. I must say I love taking out my crafts ever year – makes me smile each and every time. And yes there are times we whine and complain because we wait until the very last minute to get crafting, but we pull it off every year and it is always worth it.

I decided I would start sharing some of the crafts from over the years and this Family Tree Scrabble Game Craft is one I made for my Mother in Law a few years back.  We are big Scrabble players in my family and so I decided to create a Family Tree on a Scrabble board she could hang on her wall.

So all I did to create this was to buy a Basic Scrabble Game – you can do that or look in your local thrift stores for one. I also bought extra Scrabble Tiles as well which you can find being sold on Ebay or just buy 2 games. You can buy new board, vintage board etc. depending on the look you want – there are so many options.  Just make sure when buying tiles they match because they all differ.

The fun part was putting it all together and it took some time to be able to get everyone’s name on the board – I started the top with the word “Family” and worked from there. Once I had it all laid out I used a Hot Glue Gun to glue all my tiles in place. I also added one of the Tile Holders at the bottom with the word “Bonds” being it is a Family Tree and we are all Bonded. I also have the word “Love” on the board as well – so you can add in other words too. Really you can do any words you want. I just liked the idea of Family for mine.

I added a picture hanger to the back and my craft was complete. Originally my Mother in Law was going to hang this in her Rec Room, BUT she loved it so much that she hung it in the Living Room.

Easy right? Absolutely !!!

Now take a look at some of the other Scrabble Tile Crafts I have done:

That Christmas turned out to be a Scrabble year. I also made each family a Scrabble Ornament with their family last name – that is mine in the photo. This was a bit more challenging and I had my hubby’s help on that one. He took a very small Drill BIt and put the tile in a vice and carefully drilled holes through the tiles from the top to the bottom. Them I strung them on wire with cool beads. As you can see in the photo to the bottom right mine hangs year round on the tree in my downstairs Moose Lodge Room (lol).

I also made everyone Scrabble Magnets for the fridge using words that fit them. For instance my sister’s said “Tea” , My sister in laws said “Diet” (she is always on a Diet), My mother in laws said “Angel” (she is my Angel) etc…  You can do any words. All you do is Hot Glue the tiles together and add Magnets to the back. Could not be any more simple that that and they look cool on your fridge.

When I was consigning my crafts at my local craft stores I made tons of these with all kinds of words and they were one of my biggest sellers.

I also took the Tile Racks and did the same thing as you can see mine in the photo above that says” I’m Bored”. That one I kept and it sits on my Desk.

You can also check out another page I wrote years ago about crafting with Scrabble Tiles on Squidoo here:

Scrabble Game Crafts

Hopefully I have inspired you to get out your Hot Glue Guns and craft up some gifts !! Crafting is FUN. Now I have to think what I will be doing for my crafts this year.

Stay Tuned for me sharing more of my crafts from the past.  Before I dedicated the majority of my time to this Blog and my party business I use to craft for my local craft stores.  I am a BIG crafter and a lot of you may not know that. Now you do !!

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