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General Mills Halloween Monster Cereal Plushies

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Who does not love those General Mills Cereal Monsters – Count Chocula, Franken Berry and Boo Berry? Now you can hug and squeeze them in Plush form with this new line of Cereal Plushies from Funko.

Being a HUGE fan of these Monster Cereals I am so excited for these new Plush and had to share – I know I am not alone. I will tell you that I will be buying them all myself. Well actually they are on my Christmas List – yes I have a Christmas List.

My personal favorite happens to be Franken Berry and one of my favorite collectibles I own is a Franken Berry Bobble Head toy – he is just beyond CUTE, I have such a Crush ♥ – lol.

Even though these Monster Cereals are available all year I find myself buying them at Halloween. One reason is that they go on sale and second is just because they scream Fall/Halloween to me. We all love to eat them in my house – including my Hubby who is a Count Chocula Fan himself.

But seriously how cute are these Monster Cereal Plushies? They are 9″ in size and will make the perfect Breakfast Buddies don’t ya think?

 These Plush make great gifts for Birthdays, Christmas and for Monster Cereal Fans like me. I will use mine as Halloween Decorations and they can sit with me while I eat my Cereal at breakfast – hee hee.

They are all available on Amazon here: Funko Cereal Plushies

Check out the Monster Cereal Costumes too !! Yup there is a Count Chocula Costume. Franken Berry Costume and a Boo Berry Costume available. Now how fun would those be to dress up in !! ♥ it !!

Now I have to get my General Mills Coupons out and go buy another batch of cereals. Right now they are 3 for $6.00 at my grocery store and with my coupons I will get them even cheaper!! YUM YUM YUM

UPDATE: I went and got my cereal and created these Monster Cereal Cupcakes – How cool are they? Come see how to make them HERE and you can also download the FREE Printables for them as well.

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