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Glee Costumes for Gleeks

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So you are fan of the show Glee and you consider yourself such a Gleek that you want to dress up as one for Halloween. Well unfortunately at this time there are no official Glee Costumes on the market, But that is ok because with a little imagination you can put one together that will have GLEEK written all over it.

UPDATE: Official Glee Costumesavailable !! You will find a Glee Cheerios Costume, Sue Sylvester Costume and a Puck Costume.

I am going to share with you some ideas on how you can dress up as one of your favorite Glee Characters for Halloween – Nice of me huh?

Lets start with a Glee Cheerio Costume. To dress like a Cheerio Cheerleader you can easily put this together by purchasing a Red Cheerleader Uniform and adding a few additional elements.

Here are some links where you can find one:

Then on your Red Cheerleader Uniform you can add some Lettering using Iron On Letters for your WMHS – which stands for William McKinley High School where the Glee Club attends School. Or you can spell out Glee too – either will work.

Finish off the costume with some Red and White Pom Poms and of course a High Pony Tail and you are done. Easy or What?

Or maybe you want to dress up in a Sue Sylvester Costume. Ok no problem this one is pretty easy too and may I add comfy.

So for her you will need an Adidas Jogging Suit with Pants and the Zipper Jacket. Add a White Tank Top underneath. Stick on your Running Shoes.

If you want you can add a Short Blonde Wig that is similar in style to Sue’s on the show. Now this costume would not be complete without one hand on a Megaphone and the other holding a Clipboard.

Oh and make sure you are ready to yell out some of those witty comments that Sue always seems to have, also known as Sue-isms. You have to have some of those. Here is one from the show – do you remember this? “I’m going to ask you to smell your armpits. That’s the smell of failure, and it’s stinking up my office”.

How about creating a Artie Abrams Costume – the Geek of the bunch. The only hard part about this costume would be getting a hold of a wheelchair. You will definitely need one of those to pull off this costume.

Once you have that in hand the rest is pretty easy. Get yourself a White T-Shirt or Button Down Shirt and then add a Geeky Sweater Vest on Top. Any will do – the uglier the better. For your pants you can wear a pair of Dockers, but make sure you have a Black Belt and your Shirt and Vest is tucked in to them.

Now some extras to pull it all together – I found this Wig that would work very well for that Geeky Hairstyle. Of course you cannot leave out the Geek Glasses either. Oh and don’t forget some dorky dress shoes !!!

Last but not least are those Fingerless Wheelchair Gloves he wears which are Harbinger 143 Men’s Pro FlexClosure Wash & Dry Gloves. These are a must have since they are his signature gloves in the show. Add a Guitar on your lap and you are all set to Trick or Treat !!!

Now lets put together a Finn Hudson Costume. This is fairly easy and straight forward. The best way to create his character is when he is wearing his Nike Football Jersey with the #5.

Finding this Jersey with a #5 is very hard. So if you can go to your local Sporting Goods Store you may be able to find a Red Jersey and have the #5 added to it and if they can do that you might as well have Hudson added to the back.

Then add a Long Sleeve White Shirt under the Football Jersey and pair it up with some Jeans.

Add some sneakers and maybe a Football to carry and that is it – this costume is complete.  That was not too hard to compile – I just think the hardest part will be locating that Red Football Jersey.

I think that is all I have for now ( I will try to work on more), but if you have any ideas for a Glee Costume send them in so I can share them.

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