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Guess the Jelly Bean Flavor Party Game

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Jelly_BeanHere is a simple game you can play at any Birthday Party that is SWEET. I played this at one of my daughter’s parties and the kids had a lot of fun.  I use Jelly Belly Beans because they have so many flavors to choose from and their flavors I think are the best.

To start you need your Jelly Beans – You can choose an assortment box (Jelly Belly offers a 50 Flavor Assortment) – or at the candy store you can pick and choose your own flavors of Jelly Belly Beans.

IMPORTANT TIP – if you are buying from the candy store you must put each flavor in a separate bag and write the flavor down – trust me it is a life saver. Obviously I did not do that once and I had to eat a lot of beans to figure out which was which. It was not as easy as it sounds.

Make sure to have enough beans to the ratio of guests coming to the party so they can all try some fun flavors. Now Jelly Belly has a wonderful assortment of flavors – just pick some that are fun and familiar to the kids. Some flavors can be really funny – like Dr.Pepper, Apple Pie, Buttered Popcorn etc…

How to play the  Flavor Guessing Game:

You can do this many ways, but here is a simple way to play. Lets say you have 10 party guests – then have 10 of the same kind of Jelly Belly Flavors x 5 or how many you want to have them guess.

Have the guests line up and close their eyes so they do not see the color of the bean. At the same time they can all put it in their mouths. Who ever can guess the flavor first scores a point.  You can give hints is they get stuck one at a time.

Keep doing this until you have gone through all of your Jelly Beans. The person with the most points in the end wins a prize – a bag of Jelly Belly’s of course. You can also have a small bag for all the participants to take home so everyone is a winner.

In case of a tie have a taste off with a new flavor until you end up with one winner.

The kids loved playing this, but remember this can be done at any party – it is fun with the Adults as well.

More fun Game Ideas with Jelly Belly Beans:

Guess how many in the Jar – Fill a Jar with the beans and the kids have to guess how many are there – winner takes the jar.

Jelly Belly Bean Relay Race – Give each guest a plastic spoon, a bowl of Jelly Belly Beans (pre counted with all the same amounts in each) and an empty bowl. Set a timer for 1 minute. On Go the guest will put the spoon in their mouths and hands behind backs. See who can move the most beans into the empty bowl using their spoon in 1 minute. Make it even harder – if they drop one they must pick it up with the spoon. You can add time if needed.

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