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Halloween Pumpkin Safety Reflector Craft

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Keep the kids safe this Halloween with this EASY Pumpkin Safety Reflector Craft the kids can create themselves and wear while they are out Trick or Treating. This Craft is also great for Halloween Parties, Classrooms and Scout Troops.

So I was going through some old pictures the other day and I stumbled upon Halloween 2006. Back then my daughter was in Brownies and as a craft activity all the kids created a Pumpkin Safety Reflector to wear around their necks during our local Halloween Parade I loved this craft and wanted to share it all with you.

This craft is inexpensive, useful and the kids can do it themselves. I think it is a great activity for a Halloween Party that the kids can take home as a party favor don’t you?

Here is all you need to create these:

  • Orange Safety Reflectors – I found the ones we used here on Amazon. You can also check your local Hardware Stores or even Walmart – just make sure to get ones that have the hole on the top so you can add your String to make it into a necklace. If you cannot find ones with holes then use just an Orange Round Reflector and you can either Tape the String onto the back or Glue it on.
  • Black Duct Tape or Black Foam Craft Sheets
  • Scissors
  • String or Yard

My daughter’s Brownie Troop used Black Duct Tape for their Pumpkin Faces and all they did was cut out the shapes they wanted and stuck them on. It was cute to see all the different faces they made. Another idea is to use Black Foam Craft Sheets and have the kids cut their faces from that. Then using Glue Dots have them stick them on to the reflectors. For younger ones you can have face shapes pre-cut and let them choose which ones they like and they can stick them on how they choose.

Then Just add your String or Yarn and the kids can wear them while out Trick or Treating or to the Halloween Parade. They work extremely well and cars will definitely see them.

How fun and EASY is that?

Here is the Brownie Troop all wearing their Pumpkin Safety Reflectors before the Halloween Parade (of course my daughter’s is tuned backwards – lol). That year they dressed up as Butterflies in their homemade costumes. I made their troop sign that year which sparkled and I had lights in the corners that lit t up so it can been seen in the dark. It looked very cool !! Boy has my daughter grown – aww they grow up way too fast. You can also see as they were walking down the street in the dark how the Reflectors shined when the lights hit them !!

If you love this idea of the safety Reflectors, but do not want to make them – Check out Glimling.com they offer a large variety of Funflectors for the kids. The picture shows their Halloween line, but they have many many more styles available. I have some myself and they are great for the kids backpacks, purses, jackets, bikes on strollers etc.. They also make wonderful Party Favors, Stocking Stuffers, Pinata Fillers and they even offer great deals for Fundraisers. So check them out too.

All fun ways for the kids to stay Safe this Halloween !!

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