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Let’s Rock Elmo will be 2011’s Hottest Toy

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Hasbro has done it again bringing yet another new Elmo Toy that will no doubt be 2011’s Hottest Toy for the kids. Let’s Rock Elmo is an amazing Interactive Musical Toy that will be on millions of Christmas Lists this year for sure. Heck it may even be on mine – lol.

I can remember when my own son was a young and a HUGE Elmo fan and back then Tickle Me Elmo was the hottest thing going. I can remember when we got him one and the excitement for him over that toy was overwhelming. That was over 11 years ago and Elmo Toys have come so far, but they keep coming and they get better and better every year.

If you thought Elmo Live was cool then wait until you see what Let’s Rock Elmo can do. Even as an adult I have a Big Crush on the Loveable Furry Red Monster Elmo still to this day (shhhh) and after seeing this Toy Demo I may just have to have one myself.

Coming late this Fall just in time for the 2011 Christmas Holiday Let’s Rock Elmo will be having kids singing and dancing to Elmo’s  new Rockstar Status. Kids can Rock Out to six on board songs, including two new releases, and the three instruments included which are his Microphone, Tambourine and Drums.

Elmo recognizes each instrument that is handed to him and will even also ask the kids to play them too.  In addition to the Instruments that come with Let’s Rock Elmo there will also be add on ones to create an even larger Jam Session. They include the Let’s Rock Cookie Monster Keyboard,  Let’s Rock Elmo Guitar, Let’s Rock Grover Microphone and all will bring fun features and additional songs and Music for the kids to enjoy with Elmo.

Is this exciting or what? If this is something you think your kids will go crazy for then you need to watch for when it becomes available to insure you will get your under the tree this year. – this is gonna be HOT.

You can now order Let’s Rock Elmo – wooo hoooo

Oh and the price for Let’s Rock Elmo is said to be $69.99 and the add on instruments $14.99 – $19.99

Other new Sesame Street Toys coming this Fall also include: Count N’ Crunch Cookie Monster, Sesame Street Playset , Sesame Streets Elmo Find and Learn Alphabet Blocks, Oscar the Grouch Shape Sorter and Abby Cadabby’s Color Wand. Sesame Street never gets old does it?

Check out this Let’s Rock Elmo Demo – You are gonna LOVE This:

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