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Magic Jelly Bean Seeds – Fun for the Kids

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Have you ever heard of Magic Jelly Beans or Magic Jelly Bean Seeds?  I know sounds CraZy right? This idea will really have young kids thinking they are truly Magic and what they grow after they are planted will be a SWEET surprise.

I had never heard of this idea before today and I thought it was the most adorable thing that I could not help but share it with you all. Of course there is really no such thing as Magic Jelly Bean Seeds, but to young kids there is. They just have to believe !!!

Just give your child a Magic Jelly Bean – maybe you have some left over from Easter. Then get a planter pot with soil or an area in your Garden for the kids to plant them. Have them take their Magic Jelly Bean Seed and plant it. Of course they will have to water it too while they think Sweet thoughts.

Then while they are sleeping something Magical happens…. (Mom digs up the Jelly Bean, tosses it in the garbage and places a nice BIG Giant Lollipop in its place). The true Joy comes from seeing your child’s face when they see what came from their Magic Jelly Bean.

How darn Cute is that? I can see doing this the night before Easter, For a Child’s Birthday the night before and even at a Sleepover Party just for Fun.

Now take a look at this idea in action:

I saw the idea first at Lizard & Ladybug who shared her daughter planting her Magic Jelly Bean Seeds and the Giant Lollipop it grew.  She used this idea for her Birthday and will be doing again for her son. She fell in love with the idea after she first saw it done for Easter, but I must say I love the Birthday Idea.  Be sure to stop by her blog to see all the other cool ideas there !!! I also have to Thank her for sharing this cause I love this idea too !!

How about the same idea on a Birthday Cake? On the Happy Home Fairy Blog they shared their son’s Magic Jelly Bean Cake. The night before they created the cake and their son placed a bunch of Jelly Beans on the top. The next morning their son woke up to the Jelly Beans gone but in their places were lots of yummy Lollipops. Stop by their blog to see a video of the cutie and his reaction to the surprise – so stinkin’ cute !!!

Check out this idea from Pretend, Party and Play where they had a Lollipop Theme Party and gave the kids some Magic Seeds (Candy Sprinkles). They had them sprinkle them on the lawn and while the kids were busy with some other activities they snuck out and planted a Lollipop Garden. Imagine the surprise on the kids faces when they came back and saw this !! Genius right?

Now to make the Magic even more Magical for the kids you can pre pack those Jelly Beans in this FREE Printable Magic Jelly Bean Seed Pack from Nothing but Country.

Or even better – Jelly Belly has these Jelly Belly Seed Packets that look just like packages of seeds, but inside are their famous flavored Jelly Beans !! Available in Very Cherry & Watermelon, YUMMY !!!

I may have to try this idea on my daughter even though she is 10 – I think it will be fun even if she knows that a Jelly Bean can’t really make a Lollipop at this age, but it will still be fun anyway. Now if there was just a way to figure out what I can plant to grow a real Money Tree with Cash leaves….. Hmmmm


6 Responses to “Magic Jelly Bean Seeds – Fun for the Kids”
  1. Wow! Thanks for the shout out!! This is such a fun post! The Happy Buddy’s bday is coming up in July… think I am going to cruise around your site for inspiration! Thank you for your fabulous ideas!

  2. Awww You are so welcome – loved your idea so much and what a cutie you have on your hands. I will be cruising your site as well !!! I love to cruise !!!

  3. Pat says:

    This is a fun idea for little ones. Love it!

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