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How to Make Melted Vinyl Record Bowls for your next party

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How to make melted vinyl record bowlsHere is fun craft that is so EASY and fun to do and a great way to recycle your old vinyl records. These are perfect to serve up snacks at your next Music Themed Party, 50’s Party or to just use everyday for a conversation piece.

This craft idea has been around for a long time and I have always wanted to try it to out myself and today I did and of course I documented the process step by step to share with all of you.

I did not have any old vinyl records on hand that I wanted to melt so I picked a couple up at the local thrift store to use for 50 cents each – total bargain if you ask me.

So here is what I used to create my Melted Vinyl Record Bowls:

  • Vinyl Records – I used 33’s and also tried and 45
  • Cookie Sheet
  • Aluminum Foil
  • An Oven of course
  • A bowl that you will bend the record around for shaping
  • Oven Mitt or Tongs

Now watch how EASY this is to do:

How to make melted vinyl record bowls 2

Preheat your oven to 250 degrees.

I then covered a Cookie Sheet with Aluminum Foil and placed one of my records on it.

Into the oven it went. Keep an eye on it – you want it to get to a fruit leather feel. Mine took about 5 minutes or so.

Take it out and remove it from the Cookie Sheet – BE CAREFUL it will be hot. Use an oven mitt or tongs to pick it up.

Place it on top of an upside bowl and then start shaping it the way you want. It will cool pretty quickly and that is it.

How cool is that? and it was only 50 cents!!

How to make melted vinyl record bowls 3

Here is the other 33 I did along with this really cool Red 45 Record.

The fun part was the name of the albums – the blue one is actually Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

The 45 is a small bowl, but what I thought it would be great for is Cupcakes. You can sit one inside of it or turn it over and it can become a Cupcake stand.

You can also cover the labels with new labels you can print out, cut paper, material or even felt.

I am not having a party where these will be in use right now so I gave my son one for a coffee table in his room and my daughter the other to put on her desk for trinkets. Funny part about that is neither one of them have ever listened to a record actually play on a record player. God do I feel old.

This was a fun craft to do and I am glad I tried it – now I am thinking what else I can melt these into along with other things I can melt – lol.

Go ahead and give it a try – makes a great gift for the music lover too!!!

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