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Mermaid Towels make a great Summertime Gift Idea

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Any little girl would just love to have a Mermaid Towel.  These towels are fun for the Beach, Pool and even Bath time and they make a great Summertime Gift Idea.

When I came across these it reminded me of a picture I take of my daughter every time we visit my parents in Florida. It started when my daughter picked a Green Towel from the closet and when we were at the pool my Sista Peep shaped the towel into a mermaid fin.  It has now become tradition to take the same shot each time we visit as long as they keep that Green Towel – lol.

The Mermaid Towels I came across are made to have Mermaid Fins and they are beyond adorable !!! Talk about making a Splash. Imagine your little girl walking around the pool or beach with one of these – major Cuteness for sure !!

I have seen these come in many different colors some personalized and some that have hoodies – all Super Cute !!

If you are crafty you can even sew up some yourself and give them as party favors at your Mermaid Party like The Hobby Mommy did for her daughter’s party. She sewed up 17 of them as you can see from the photo above. Love a Creative Mom !!!

But if you are not crafty that is Ok too – you can buy them. Again they make a great Unique Birthday Gift and even a Fun Party Favor !!


Now you did not think I would not share my daughter’s Mermaid Towel Picture did you?


2 Responses to “Mermaid Towels make a great Summertime Gift Idea”
  1. Liz says:

    Those are the cutest things ever! How did she make them? Do you have a tutorial or information on that?
    Thanks for sharing Liz-CoolProducts

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