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How to Make Nesting Bluebirds Mini Cakes

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Here is a fun idea for Nesting Bluebirds Mini Cakes that anyone can pull off. These Scream Springtime and would be perfect on the table for any Spring Party. So let me show you how they were created and trust me – they are Super Easy !!

So my Sista Peep was inspired by a photo she saw of Bluebirds in a Nest and next thing I know we were in my kitchen creating these Mini Cakes. Maybe it was the 70 degree weather we had yesterday that gave her Spring Fever.

I think they came out so adorable and nothing says Springtime to me more than hearing the birds signing their songs outside my window in the millions of bird feeders I have out for them. Now I just wish that warm weather was not a tease since it is now FREEZING today. I really wonder what is wrong with Mother Nature this year – she is sending us so many mixed messages !! She better straighten up her act is all I can say !!

So here is what we used to create these Nesting Bluebirds Mini Cakes:

  • Dessert Shells – The ones that are usually used for Strawberry Shortcakes
  • Chocolate Frosting
  • Robin Eggs (Malted Milk Balls)
  • Yellow Gum Drops
  • Black Food Writer Marker
  • Disposable Pastry Bag with Small Line Tip
  • Wax Paper

So here are my ingredients ready to go. The Dessert Cups were perfect for this since they were already in a nest shape and they taste good too. But you can use regular Cake and cut out Circle Shapes and scoop the middle, but using the Dessert Cups saves the mess.

Next I took some Chocolate Frosting and added a scoop to the middle and crumb coated the rest so it had nice coverage before we adding the rest.Now comes the fun part – Creating the Nest. I was nice enough to hand this part over to my Sista Peep !! First we filled the Disposable Pastry Bag with Chocolate Frosting. Then all you do is cover your Dessert Shell by going around and around so it looks like a bunch of branches. I am glad I let Sista Peep do this part since mid way she got a leak in the bag and it went all over her hands – laughed so hard.

When these were done I stuck them into the Freezer to harden up a bit while I hatched some Bluebirds for the Nests.

To create the Bluebirds I just cut pieces of the Yellow Gumdrops and stuck them on – they were already sticky. Some I made look like their beaks were open waiting to be fed and others just triangles. Then I gave them two dot eyes using the Black Food Writer Marker. I made 3 for each nest. So EASY!!

Done !!! So cute it is almost hard to eat, but we grabbed a fork and dug in anyway – lol.

If you create some of these – Send me a Photo so I can share – we would love to see it.

Happy Spring Parties ~ Enjoy !!!


10 Responses to “How to Make Nesting Bluebirds Mini Cakes”
  1. SISTA PEEP says:

    Oh………I HAD the Fever!!!!!!

  2. Ha ha!!! Cuuuute!! And so simple!
    I did some Martha Stewart style ones last year ( Fairytale Frosting ) but I think yours are way cuter! =)

  3. OMG your are cute as well – they are just different. I love Birds !!!

  4. Can’t wait to try to make these…looks easy, cheesy..maybe a bit messy?

  5. Very Easy – Yes, Messy – a little, Super Cute – VERY

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