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I used my Noodle for Party Decorations

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You have to check out how I used my Noodle to make some Party Decorations, my Pool Noodle that is !!  Another fun inexpensive way to add some fun decor to your Parties.

Not too long ago I wrote this post on Creative ways to use your “Pool” Noodle and I knew I would have to try out some of these ideas myself. So for my daughter’s Groovy Tie Dye Birthday Party I did just that !! I created Pool Noodle Garland and what my Sista Peep has named Pool Sprinkles.

So my Sista Peep found some Orange Pool Noodles that had a Flower Shape – perfect for a Groovy Party since they look like Daisies !! She bought two of them although we ended up only using one – Yes $1.00 !!!

So I took a serrated knife and a cutting board and sliced up the Pool Noodle to create my Daisies – it was so easy to cut, like Butta !!

So while I was running around last minute preparing for the party my Sista Peep created the Pool Noodle Garland for me.  We used Pink curling ribbon and she just threaded on the Pool Noodles using a skewer to get the ribbon through the middle of the Daisies. There is no need to knot them either – they stay in place where ever you put them – how cool is that?

Do excuse the mess on my Hutch – the picture was taken before it was all cleaned up from me storing everything there for the party. I was running behind as unusual – lol

Doesn’t that look cute though? Pool Noodles do come in lots of other colors too – so you can really have fun with it.

After my Sista Peep made the garland we had a pile of Pool Noodle Daisies left. I was like we could just put then on the table and then Sista Peeps says” Lets toss them in the pool” – who would have thought to put Pool Noodles in the pool? lol I have such a smart sister huh?

So we did and I must say they looked AWESOME floating around the water. They were “Pool Sprinkles” !!

My nephew had fun with them too as you can see he put them on all his fingers – so silly he is !! Gotta ♥ em’

So I created 2 Fun Party Decorations folks for $1.00 – talk about savings !!!

Now you will look at a Pool Noodle in a different way !!

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