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Lovin’ these Optari Sol Tote Bags also known as “Croc Bags”

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I came across these Sol Tote Bags by Optari that intrigued me so much that I had to share them with all of you. To me they look like just like Croc Shoes, but they are Colorful Waterproof Totes that can be used in so many fun ways and they can also be personalized with Fobbz to add extra fun.

I can remember when Crocs first came out – I hated them, I thought they were so Ugly and I said I would never be caught in a pair. Well that did not last long for me after I tried a pair on to see what the fuss was all about.  I am now the proud owner of so many pairs in all colors – in fact I have them on right now as I am typing this up. They are my favorite shoes due to the comfort and arch support – I am such a hypocrite I guess.

These Sol Totes look so cool and perfect for the Beach, Easter Baskets, Gifts etc… They come in a large variety of Bright Colors and two sizes – Large and Small. Then there is a line of Fobbz which are the fun additions that can be added into the holes just like on the Crocs. I think these are great to give a gift in – usable Gift Bag, love that.

Is it just me or are these just too cool?

Take a look at these Personalized Sol Totes from AnythingJoes.com. Look how cute it looks being used as an Easter Basket. If you are creative you can add your own Vinly Letters to them or buy them already done.

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