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Make a Pair of Fart Shoes like Fozzie Bears

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In the New Muppet Movie Fozzie Bear wears a pair of “Fart Shoes” – yes you heard that right. I have a sneaking suspicion that kids will want to have a pair of their very own, so why not make them a pair.

So when I was doing some research for my Muppets Party Supplies and Party Ideas post I was watching a lot of the movie trailers when I saw Fozzie Bear in these “Fart Shoes”. After I finished laughing I thought to myself how my kids would probably ask for a pair. Now I know my kids cannot be the only ones that would ask, or at least I hope not – lol My kids love Whoopie Cushions and get one every year in their stockings – I know I know silly right? But they think they are the funniest things. And I must admit I do too.

So how much fun would it be at your Muppets Party or just for the fun of it if you created a pair of these Fart Shoes for the kids? They could not be any more simple to make.

So all you need is a Pair of Wingtip Shoes like Fozzie’s  – Nah I am just kidding, you can use any pair of the kids shoes silly !! 2 Whoopie Cushions (one for each foot) and you can always find these in the $Dollar Store and some Rubber Bands.

Then the kids just blow up their Whoopie Cushions and Rubber Band them to their shoes and walk, I mean Fart away… I do not even think they will care when they have to take them off to blow them back up over and over.

Come on that is just too funny.  I cannot believe I just posted this, but I could not help myself and I know people will be looking for a pair after the movie – I just know it !!

Now take a peek at Fozzie Bear in his Fart Shoes in this Muppets Movie Trailer:

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