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Pokemon Black and White Party Supplies are now available

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Pokemon Fans have more party options with the New Pokemon Black and White Party Supplies that are now available.

Pokemon Fans were beyond excited when they released the Pokemon Black and White DS Games and now they can have a party to celebrate.

There is no doubt that these new Pokemon Black and White Party Supplies will be just as hot as those video games have been. Kids love Pokemon and the Black and White DS Games have been the Best Selling Pokemon DS games to date.

Lucky for me my son never got hooked on the Pokemon Craze, but I know a lot of his friends that have and once you are hooked there is no turning back – lol. Back in 2008 I planned a Pokemon Party for my friends son and the kids had a blast and that was now 3 years ago and Pokemon is still going strong. I created most of the Pokemon Party Supplies myself, but there was limited items available back then – now you have lots of choices.

I found some pictures from the party I planned, but it is hard to remember everything we did being it was 3 years ago (Yes I have a bad memory). I made Pokeball Invitations that opened, I created a Pin the Tail on Pikachu Game, Pikachu Mask, I made all the kids a Pokeball Trainee Necklace, we played Pass the Pikachu, Pokeo Bingo and a bunch of other games I cannot remember. Considering I hardly knew anything about Pokemon and had to do some research I pulled it off and the kids had a great time – now that I can remember.

You can order the new Pokemon Party Supplies here:

Pokemon Black and White Party Supplies

Happy Party Planning !!!


2 Responses to “Pokemon Black and White Party Supplies are now available”
  1. Ashley says:

    I have been looking everywhere for the Old school Pokemon party supplies, and they are no where to be found. If you guys started selling them then I’m sure you’d get a lot of people giving you business.

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