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Puss in Boots Costumes

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Take a look at all the adorable Puss in Boots Costumes available. If you have a little fan who fell in love with this feline sword fighter from the Shrek Movies they will definitely love the costumes.

If you have not heard by now there is a New Puss in Boots Movie coming out November 2011 that will show the story of how Puss in Boots came to meet Shrek and his friends. This is another must see movie for me, come on who could not fall in love with Puss in Boots and those BIG eyes. OK and having him voiced by Antonio Banderas does not hurt things either !! Just satin’ (lol)

Even though the new movie comes out after Halloween this year I am sure there are lots of fans who would love to dress up as Puss in Boots. I have found a number of different style choices in this costume which you can see here on Amazon. The Puss in Boots Costumes also start in sizes from Infant to Child. So darn cute !!!

Also note that costumes are not just for Halloween either – kids love to dress up year round and if you are planning a Puss in Boots Birthday Party Theme why not let your little one dress up to greet their party guests.

Stay Tuned because a line of Puss in Boots Party Supplies are coming soon and you will find them right here when they have been released !!

I will leave you with this photo…..


2 Responses to “Puss in Boots Costumes”
  1. nancy says:

    I been looking a puss n boots costume for My 4 year old son but cant find the one you have in the bottom left córner of your picture. Can you please help me find it. Mt son doesnt want other costume other than this one.

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