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Quest for Zhu Movie Review and Giveaway – CLOSED

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Get ready Zhu Zhu fans because the first Zhu Zhu Movie “Quest for Zhu” on DVD/Blu-Ray releases at the end of this month and the kids are going to LOVE it.

I was given the opportunity to be one of the first to watch the movie in full length to review and I am going to give you the chance to win a copy right here. Quest for Zhu

is the first Zhu Zhu Movie EVER and the sequel “Power of Zhu” is due out in 2012.

I was so excited to be given a copy of this movie since we are big Zhu Zhu Pet Fans in my home. So to watch and review the movie with me I called in my own Siskel & Ebert – My daughter and her BFF. It was a sleepover night at my house and Movie Time is a great Sleepover Activity. We could not wait to watch and give our opinions.

Before I get to what we thought let me give you the Official Movie Description:

It is a heartwarming tale of four lively young teens (who just happen to be hamsters) on a quest to find the Palace of Zhu where they believe all their dreams will come true. Join the feisty and lovable Pipsqueak as she gets swept away to the other side of the Zhuniverse. On her adventure she befriends Chunk Num Nums and Mr. Squiggles and when they arrive at the Palace of Zhu they realize it is just the beginning of their remarkable journey. A mean-spirited and controlling reptilian creature Mezhula tries to stand in the way of making all of their dreams come true but by working together our true Zhu heroes save the day! Pipsqueak realizes she already had everything she ever dreamed of and all she really wants is to find a way back home.

Movie Length is 73 Minutes

So for our Quest for Zhu Movie premiere the girls baked some Chocolate Chip Muffins. We also had some Bite Sized Twizzlers to snack on (gotta have a sweet Movie Snack). We got nice and comfy and were ready to see the Zhu Zhu Pets come to life in their very first movie adventure !!

Can I just say that not only did the kids love this movie, but so did I.  This was so well done and absolutely adorable. The story line kept you entertained from beginning to end. I am so surprised this was not in theaters I think it would have done very well. The Computer animated Zhu Zhu’s were done so well and to hear their little voices really brought new life to them. If your kids are not crazy over Zhu Zhu Pets yet – if they see this movie watch out because they will be.

There are also bonus Music Videos on the DVD with the Zhu Zhu’s singing and dancing to ABC and Celebration (so cute) !! The kids can learn the moves and get up and dance – we did !!

I asked the girls some questions when the movie was over to get their thoughts.

They would both recommend this movie and would definitely watch it again. They learned from watching this movie that running away is not a good idea and you should appreciate what you have because some people do not have it as good as you do.  I asked if they would change anything about the movie and my daughter said nothing and her BFF said she would change the creepy eyes on the snake lady.

My Daughter gave Quest for Zhu Two Thumbs Up and her BFF gave it Four Thumbs Up (lol)

The Quest for Zhu Movie is the perfect addition for a Zhu Zhu Party. You can have a Quest for Zhu Viewing Party or add it to your Birthday Party Activities.

Stop by my Zhu Zhu Pets Birthday Party post that is full of ideas and you will also find my tutorials on how to make a Zhu Zhu Pet Birthday Cake and Zhu Zhu Pet Cupcakes.

 Take a look at the Quest for Zhu Movie Trailer:

The Giveaway…..

One Lucky Winner will receive a NEW Quest for Zhu Movie DVD

You do not want to miss out on the chance to win this, trust me the kids are gonna LOVE it like we did.

It is always FREE to Enter and you gotta be in it to win it !!

Good Luck !!


20 Responses to “Quest for Zhu Movie Review and Giveaway – CLOSED”
  1. Debbie Welchert says:

    I like Pookie.

  2. Amanda Starr says:

    My daughter like a ton of them but right now she love Meatloaf a baby Zhu zhu

  3. Patty White says:

    I like Rori!

  4. janell wagner says:

    I DID visit the zhu zhu pets site to see who was my favorite but it is off line -

  5. Lisa W says:

    I love pipsqueak
    frugalmommieof2 at

  6. Cheryl May says:

    Love Zhu Zhu pets and gonna luv movie…we love Milly and Meatloaf!!

  7. Awesome! My daughter LOVES ZhuZhu’s! Your zhuzhu cupcakes is how I found you in the first place

  8. Serenity Murtagh says:

    My kids are going to FLIP if we’re a winner!!! Thank you for the chance!

  9. Chris says:

    Still love Mr. Squiggles though Chandler is pretty cute.

  10. Chris says:

    I learned about this site after googling for zhu zhu party ideas!

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