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Quick and EASY Mini Meringue Ghosts – NO Baking Required

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Check out these Mini Meringue Ghosts that you can make Quick and EASY with No Baking. These bite sized sweets are a great addition to your Halloween Party or just for a fun SpOOky Treat.

So yesterday as I was checking out at the Grocery Store when I saw these packages of Meringue Cookies by the register. Now I have seen the pre made Meringue in the stores before, but these were a bit different.

These Meringue Cookies are packed in 100 Calorie packs and come in Vanilla and Chocolate. They are pretty much the same size as a Hershey Kiss with the same shape. They are made by a company called Miss Meringue and only cost me $1.29 per pack.

Immediately when I saw them I thought they looked like Ghosts and I envisioned them with Ghost Faces – yes call me crazy, but that is how my head works. I knew I had to have some and besides I LOVE Meringue. And yes I could whip up a batch myself, BUT if  I can take the easy route I will chose that any day.

So I bought 2 packs of the Vanilla to turn into Ghosts and here is how EASY it is…..

When I got home I took out my black Wilton Food Writer Pen and added Ghost Faces to the Meringue Cookies alternating popping others into my mouth – lol. Very important that you use an Edible Food Pen when making the faces !!

How BOO-tiful are they? I just took mine and added them to a bowl of Candy Corn on my table for the kids.

Think of the possibilities….

What I love about these Mini Meringue Ghosts is the size. Sometimes a large piece of Meringue can be too Sweet, but these are just the right amount and they are YUMMY. They just melt in your mouth.

These would be a perfect Halloween Party Favor for the kids too mixed in with other fun candies.

So keep an eye out for these in your local Grocery Store or you can purchase the online at the Miss Meringue Website.

I love EASY !!


2 Responses to “Quick and EASY Mini Meringue Ghosts – NO Baking Required”
  1. Faye says:

    I love this idea!! Very unique. I hope I can find some of those meringue cookies!

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