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S’mores Snowman Kit Party Favors

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If you are looking for an adorable Holiday Party Favor for the kids that is not only adorable, but inexpensive – then look no further. These S’mores Snowman Kit Party Favors are just what you are looking for. Let the kids have fun with all the ingredients they need to enjoy their very own S’mores Snowman. Who says S’mores are only for Summertime?

Not only are these great for a Holiday Party Favor, but they would also make great Classroom Gifts for the Kids,Teacher Gifts, Bus Drivers, Stocking Stuffers etc…  I actually made these to give to the kids for our Family Christmas this year. My kids love S’mores all year long.

Now I am going to show you how EASY these are to create along with my FREE Printable S’mores Snowman Bag Tag.

Here is What I used to create my S’mores Snowman Kits:

So here are all my supplies ready to go. For each S’mores Snowman Kit I had allocated 3 Peeps Snowmen, 2 Regular Hershey Bars and 3 Graham Crackers (Full sheet). This would allow the child to be able to create 3 S’mores Snowmen from each Kit.

First Print out your Bag Tags on Heavy Card Stock Paper.  Then Cut the out. Once Cut Fold each Tag in Half.

Now add your Goodies to the Bags. First I put in my 3 Peeps Snowmen. Then behind them I stuck in 2 Regular Hershey Bars, which I decided to leave in the wrapper. Then I added 3 Graham Crackers and closed up. Then simply fold down the top of the bag and add the Bag Tag. Then using your Stapler Staple the Tag at the bottom in 3 Places. And that is It!!! Does it get any easier than that?

Here you can see the Front and the Back of the S’mores Snowman Kits. The Back of the Tag tells them what to do with the treats.

Here are a few of mine ready to go… Super Easy, Super Cute and Super Yummy.

Let me know what you think and I hope you will create some to give out to the kids this year too.

Enjoy !!!


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  1. staci says:

    what a cute idea!!

  2. Brilliant idea; nicely presented!

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