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NEW Sock Monkey Party Supplies

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These NEW Sock Monkey Party Supplies are the Bomb !! These party supplies feature your Classic Red Heeled Sock Monkey and are absolutely adorable.

I have seen my share of party supplies, but I must say these New Sock Monkey Party Supplies are my new favorites. I know I am not alone because Monkey Parties are so popular and the Sock Monkey is just Classic !!!

I am now thinking I need to have my very own Sock Monkey Party, but I guess I have to wait till my birthday huh? These party supplies are not just for kids ya know !!! I have time, but no doubt I will have to get these – Love Love Love them !!!

Look how cute the Sock Monkey Party Favor Box is !!!  Each one includes one Sock Monkey Favor Box, Sock Monkey Sticker Sheet and Sock Monkey Blowout. Plus assorted color dough, cookie cutter, and monkey plush finger puppet.

Look at the matching Giant Sock Monkey Wall Decals– Ahhhh these are so CUTE


How about a Sock Monkey Pinata to match? These are available by custom order from Etsy Seller: Birchangel

You may also like this fun craft idea for the party – Decorate a Sock Monkey

Sock Monkeys RULE !!!

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