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Strawberry Ladybug Flower Cupcakes – So Easy to Make

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I am so excited to share these Strawberry Ladybug Flower Cupcakes I created, because they are so EASY to make and look Adorable. In addition to that they are Unique and offer a nice Strawberry Fruit Treat to go along with the Cupcake – Yum !!

I had so much fun creating these and I am going to share with you how I made them Step by Step with Photos right here so you can make them too. You will walk through with me as I made these for the very first time.

These Ladybug Cupcakes would be a great addition to any Ladybug Birthday Party, Garden Birthday Party or any Spring or Summer Party.

I must first state that my inspiration for the Strawberry Ladybugs came from a book called Batter Up Kids Delicious Desserts by Barbara Beery.  Barbara had sent me this book which has so many wonderful ideas and this is one of the many that has inspired me to create these Cupcakes. I took her Strawberry Ladybug Idea and played off of it and I will show you below. There are many more ideas in her book and others she had sent that I will be making coming soon – so Stay Tuned !!! So Thanks Barbara for the Inspiration !!!

Now lets get down to Business !!!

Here is what I used to Create these Ladybug Strawberry Flower Cupcakes:

Strawberry Ladybugs:

I was shopping at a local craft store when I came across these Wilton Pink Petal Baking Cups and had to have them. At the time I had no plan for them, but knew I would create something with them. I thought they were so pretty. They also come in others colors like Lavender and Yellow – That is what I have seen.

Here is what I used to create the Cupcakes – Vanilla Frosting, Yellow Nonpareils and the Pink Petal Baking Cups.  Now I decided to bake my Cupcakes in regular cupcake liners even though you can bake them right in the Flower Petal Baking Cups. It was just a matter of preference – you can do it either way.

Just Frost your Cupcakes and while they are still tacky Dip them into the Yellow Nonpareils and coat them well.  You can also coat them in Yellow Sugar Crystals or even Yellow Jimmies. I like the way the Nonpareils looked – it was perfect for the Flower Middles. Then just place them into the Petal Cups and set aside. Now lets make our Strawberry Ladybugs….

Here are my Strawberry Ladybug Supplies.  Fresh washed Strawberries to start and it is ok to snack and eat some of the extras – lol. Then some Black Gumdrops, Mini Chocolate Chips, Silver Dragees for Eyes – I liked these because they added a fun sparkle, Black Licorice Wheels – you can also just use Black Licorice Shoe Strings – it is just what I had on hand and Toothpicks.

Now take your Clean Strawberry and remove the Leaves. Then Stick in your Toothpick and add on the Gumdrop Head.

Now you are going to take your Mini Chocolate Chips and stick them into the Strawberry to create your Ladybug Spots and yes you can eat some of those too. Then take your Silver Dragees and stick them into the Gumdrop for the Eyes. Then I used a Toothpick to make Holes where the Antennas were going to go – makes it easier to stick them in. Then I cut my Black Licorice down to size and stuck them into the holes I created for the Antennas. And a Strawberry Ladybug is Born – How Easy was that?

Now just add a Toothpick to the Ladybug Body and your Ladybug is ready to sit on top of your Flower Cupcakes. Stick it in and you are done. Do you love that or what?

Tell me your guests will not go crazy over those. You an also sick the Strawberry Ladybugs on anything – Cakes, Watermelons, Brownies etc… They are even Great all by themselves – Have fun with them !!! They are a Sweet Healthy Treat everyone will love.

A Perfect Birthday Party Activity that would go with these Ladybug Cupcakes is a Stuff a Ladybug Party Activity. The kids can Stuff this 16″ Plush Cutie by hand to take home and love – There is also a Bumblebee available too.

Each Stuff a Plush Ladybug Kit comes with:

  • 16″ Plush Ladybug
  • Stuffing
  • Wishing Star Insert
  • Custom Ladybug Birth Certificate
  • Directions

It is like Build a Bear, but in the comfort of your home and there is NO Sewing Required. Kids love to do this and it will also double as a Party Favor. You can even add in an Outfit for the kids to dress it in or a T-Shirt they can decorate using Fabric Markers. There are so many choices.

For more information on the Stuff a Plush Ladybug Kits or to Order Visit my Website:

The Party Animal


14 Responses to “Strawberry Ladybug Flower Cupcakes – So Easy to Make”
  1. Linette says:

    Very cute! It’s the perfect season for strawberries!

  2. AM says:

    LADYBUGS are LUCKY!!!!!!

  3. Linette says:

    You know, I picked up some of those petal cupcake wrappers the last time I was at Jo Anns. Seeing how cute they are in action gives me inspiration to actually use them!

  4. Too Funny – That is where I got them – lol

  5. Jenn Mak says:

    OMG! These are sooo cute!!! They totally remind me of a toy called the “cootie” from when I was a kid! I wish I had a reason to throw a party every weekend because there are so many great ideas out there!

  6. Party says:

    Wow lovely cute ladybug

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