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The Best Stuffed Animal Storage Solution

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If Stuffed Animals are taking over your child’s room like they do in my daughter’s room you are going to be so thankful I am sharing with you one of the Best Stuffed Animal Storage Solutions out there.

A few years back I was searching for ways to organize the overflowing buckets of Stuffed Animals in my daughter’s room. No matter how hard I try my daughter finds it so hard to part with any of them. Even though I have gotten her to donate a few it seems her collection never gets any smaller and new ones keep making there way in the house. I know if you are reading this you know exactly what I am talking about.

So instead of fighting it, cause kids just love Stuffed Animals, I looked for a way to organize them neatly so I did not have to put up with them all over her room. I have written about this great solution before some time back but with the holidays coming and having just done over my daughter’s room I thought it was time to share it again. I have had so many parents thank me and I am tellin’ ya – this is the best and I love it !!

So what is this amazing solution that has taken away the stress of Stuffed Animals everywhere? It is called The Zoo by Little Zoo Keepers – perfect name for it right?

Here are the features of The Zoo:

  • Takes under 2 square feet of floor space. (Bonus !!!)
  • 90 or so medium stuffed animals can have a place to call “home”. (I have been able to fit much much more)
  • Safe, flexible bars allow the kids to move animals in and out easily.
  • Easy assembly using just a screwdriver with clear color photo instructions. (Hubby had this built super fast)
  • Simple method of attaching to the wall to prevent tipping. (ours is attached to the wall)
  • Made from tough multi-ply plywood that even the toughest kid cannot break.
  • You can paint or stain THE ZOO or just leave it as it is.

As you can see in the Stock Photo to the right The Zoo shown actually has the words “The Zoo” engraved across the top.  When I ordered mine I chose to leave that off only because I knew this would be something I would have in my daughter’s room for many years. So you have that option. I also chose to stain ours to just deepen the tone of the wood.

If you visit their website: Little Zoo Keepers, you can take a look at the gallery to see all the creative ways people have painted these to match their decor.

My sister in law had also ordered one after I got mine for my niece and she also did what I did with the staining and leaving off the words. It is all just a matter of preference.

Here are the Before and After Photos from when we first got The Zoo.  See the difference it made? So Much cleaner and neater and now my daughter can actually see and get to the Stuffed Animals so much easier then she was able to before in the Buckets. In her old room I also had used a canvas shoe holder on the wall to store all her Webkinz in at that time. We have not used that in her new room, but I wanted to share that as well as another great way to store Stuffed Animals that are smaller. You can even take a fabric marker and write their names on it it too.

Being that a large part of my business is Stuff a Plush you can imagine how many Plush my daughter has. I have to fight her off when my supplies come in from wanting to stuff any more to keep.  She is not happy about that – lol.

While there are many other great Stuffed Animal Storage solutions out there I have found this to be the BEST one and one of the best purchases I have made. I have a page you can look at I have written about this and the others I have located here: Stuffed Animal Toy Organizers.

Stuffed Animal Storage Zoo by LittlezookeepersSee how the bars just bend so they can access their Plush Friends – Genius I tell ya !!!

The Zoo costs around $147.00 and they offer FREE Shipping.

They will also send you money back if you share a photo of The Zoo being used in your home.

You can order yours here: The Zoo

This will be the best money spent for your sanity if you are anything like me and hate the mess of toys all over the place. I know you will Thank Me.

Make sure to pass this post along to your friends so they can be thanking you as well.

How glad are you that I have shared this solution? Can you just picture the organization and your sanity coming back a bit? You’re welcome !!!

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