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Teacup Piggies Toys are SooeeT !!!

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Has your child asked you for some Teacup Piggies? Hopefully it is the new toy line that has just come out and not the real thing. These new Teacup Piggies Toys from Toy Teck were actually created with that in mind. Being that Teacup Pigs are all the rage they wanted to play off of that and bring the kids a Teacup Pig Toy that they can love without all the mess.

I must say these are the cutest thing I have seen since the Zhu Zhu Pets hit the market and I think they will have HUGE appeal with the kids.  I think these new Teacup Piggy Toys are going to give them a good run this Christmas Season. So let me tell you about them.

Official Teacup Piggies Description:

“Our Teacup Piggies are six-inch miniature versions of real teacup pigs and appeal to girls ages 3 to 10 years-old. They speak over 20 phrases and come with their own teacup, accessories, and birth certificate. Playsets and additional wardrobes are sold separately.   These Piggies are not only a great product with great value, they’re tons of fun.

Each Teacup Piggie Toy comes with a Teacup Pig, Its very own Tea Cup, Birth Certificate, Bottle and Accessory.

Just like the real Teacup Pigs there is a large variety of Colors to choose from – everything from a Pink Pig to a Black Pig and everything in between.

Here are some of these Little Piggie Toys names which are Super Cute:

  • Snowflake
  • Princess
  • Deck
  • Denium
  • Glitter
  • High Top
  • Copper
  • Carat
  • Goldie
  • Jade
  • Bling (My Favorite !!)
  • Ivory Locket

Of course no Little Piggy can go Naked so there is a HUGE line of Clothing and Accessory Sets you can buy for them as well.  I think my favorite part of these are the Plastic Pig Dress Forms they come on and also included are little hangers. I love that !!!

Now of course when you have all those clothes you need to show them off and you can do just that with the Teacup Piggy Fashion Runway Playset.  The Kids can dress up their Teacup Piggy for the runway that has lights, sounds, and a rotatable stage!

How cool is that? I love these Pigs !!

These Teacup Piggies are High Class and there are many other Playsets that are awesome like the Teacup Piggy Free Wheeling Limousine, Teacup Piggy Spa, Teacup Piggy Loft and a Teacup Piggy Spa.

My suggestion if you think your child will like them – get them now before the Commercial starts airing and they are sold out – I have a really good feeling these will be this years HOT TOY. Let me know what you think below.


14 Responses to “Teacup Piggies Toys are SooeeT !!!”
  1. i got bling at toys r us she is so cute and this website has a lot of great deals

  2. Dakota Mama says:

    How adorable are these?! I saw the commercial, rewound and watched it twice, and then called my husband into the room and made him watch it. As cute as these little piggies are, they will definitely be in the Top 10 toys of the season. So yes, I am going to go out and get my kids one. And maybe one for myself while I’m at it….

  3. I feel the same way – I think I may have to have one in addition to my daughter – they are so darn cute !!!

  4. mimi says:

    These are too cute. Bought 3 for my granddaughters, plus 3 outfits. I think this will be a hard to find item as Christmas gets closer. Very pleased with items after I received them. Well packaged and well made.

  5. michelle says:

    Just found them in stock today at Walgreens for $9.99.

  6. I LOVE these little piggies! My daughter has one and it actually ASKS for outfits….so of course I started making them! Please take a look at my video…oh and they all are for sale on eBay, too! Great Blog!!

  7. Joyce Wells says:

    I love these toys and think they are the cutest things. I raise miniature or “teacup pigs” and a baby pig is so very cute. So when I saw these toys they are just as cute. Since a lot of children want a teacup pig and it is not possible for them to have a real pig this toy certainly is the next best thing.

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