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How to Make Tie Dye Coffee Filter Pom Poms

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Who said Coffee Filters are just for Coffee !! Check out this fun tutorial showing how you can turn those Coffee Filters into fun Tie Dyed Pom Poms.

For my daughter’s Groovy Tie Dye Birthday Party I created these fun Tie Dye Coffee Filter Pom Poms to use as party decorations. Not only are these Super EASY to make, but they are also Budget Friendly and an activity the kids can do too. In addition to that you can match any color scheme you have planned for the party just by changing up the colors used.  So let me show you how I made these Step by Step !!

Here is what I used to create these Tie Dyed Coffee Filter Pom Poms:

  • Coffee Filters
  • Washable Markers
  • Water Bottle with Spray
  • Fishing Line
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Stapler

So here are my supplies ready to go.  Each of my Pom Poms took 10 Coffee Filters. I had a pack of 200 Coffee Filters and I pretty much did them all. Yes it does take some time to do this, BUT it is fun and the Party Decoration savings is well worth the effort. I did them all over time and not all in one day and I did have help. My Sista Peep and Daughter were involved in this project too. I was coloring Coffee Filters as I sat on my patio and while watching TV at night.

First you have to flatten out a Coffee Filter and using your Colored Markers go ahead and color them any way you want. It is important you use Washable Markers because the Permanent Markers will not work with this project. Also if you are making a lot of these you may need more than one package of markers. You do not have to Color them in solid as you can see in my photo – there is some white showing and that will get covered when you spray them. Have fun with it and the colors because it is fun to see how they turn out – we did all kinds of designs and colors.

Next I laid them out on my grass – try to do this when it is not too windy out. I had a couple days where I was chasing them around my yard, it was quite funny.  Then take your Water Bottle and give them a good Spritz, but do not soak them. As they get wet the colors will spread and create the Tie Dye Effect. The kids love to watch this part.

Once they have dried stack them for their Pom Pom Assembly. So far so Easy right?

For the Assembly stack 10 of your Coffee Filters. Then use your Stapler and staple them together with 2 staples as you can see in the photo. Then start folding up the coffee filters on one side 5 times. Turn over and then do the same folding up 5 coffee filters. Then take a Pipe Cleaner and wrap it around the middle and twist. Then twist the top part of the Pipe Cleaner Together and then twist again to make a loop. Then just bring the sides together to fluff it to hide the pipe cleaner and you got yourself one cool Pom Pom.

Then I just added some Fishing Line and hung them all over the party area and they looked like they were floating. I loved the way they looked and everyone was amazed that they were Coffee Filters.  You can hang them individually like I did or even string them all together into a garland etc… So what do you think? Are you going into your cabinets and coloring all your Coffee Filters now or what?

Stay Tuned for the entire Groovy Birthday Party Post coming soon…..


4 Responses to “How to Make Tie Dye Coffee Filter Pom Poms”
  1. Sara says:

    Very neat! And I like cheap even if it takes some time! Thanks for sharing

  2. That is exactly what I say !!! Who does not love cheap ???

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