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How to Make Tie Dye Ice Pops

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Now here is Groovy “Cool” summer treat to serve up to the kids – Tie Dye Ice Pops !! Very simple to make and even better to eat.

So I broke out my Clear Push Up Containers for another fun treat I made for my daughter’s Groovy Tie Dye Birthday Party.  Now you do not need the Push Up Containers to make these. You can use any Clear Cups and the kids can eat them with a spoon. The Push Up Containers make it easy for the kids to push the ice up and enjoy it that way.

I absolutely love these containers and still have a list of treats to create in them – they are reusable which is great. I am tellin’ ya if you do not have these yet you have to get some. You can find them being sold on Ebay Here

. Fun Fun Fun !!!

Here is what I used to create these Tie Dye Ice Pops:

  • Clear Push Up Containers (you can use Clear Cups)
  • Assorted Fun Pops (Colored Ice)

Now watch how EASY these are to create…..

First I set up all my Containers so they were ready to be filled.   I took 6 bowls and then took my frozen Fun Pops and cut them open and placed them by color into the bowls. I used the Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple Ice. Only do a few at a time so you do not deal with them melting. Basically you have to work fast.

Next just take pieces of each of the colored ice and place into your container and push it together as you go. Once again work fast so your colors will not melt and run together too much. When you have filled them just stick them back into the freezer to re freeze and that is it !!! You can really have fun with your color combination if you are matching a party theme too – Oh the possibilities…

The girls all loved them and so did I. I am a big fan of Ices on a HOT summer day, which it was. What I really like the best besides all the colors were the flavors. Each of the Fun Pops are different flavors so when you combine them like this you get a nice variety. They really were COOL (no pun intended – lol)

Stay Tuned for the entire Groovy Birthday Party Post coming soon…..

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