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Toy Story 3 Action Links Review and Giveaway – CLOSED

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Have you seen these Toy Story 3 Action Links Toys yet? Toy Story Action Links are linkable playsets that simply snap together to create an interactive, adventurous Toy Story world. Each set offers fun stunts along with 2-inch Toy Story figures for hours of action-packed play with Woody, Buzz and other favorite Characters from the Toys Story 3 Movie. Once connected, a simple push of a button sets off the fun, creating a chain reaction of events where the characters fly through the air, zip line to safety and defend against evil villains, too!

So in November I was sent a Big Box of these Toy Story 3 Action Links Toys to Review and as you can see I am a bit behind in doing that. November was a crazy month for me – I had a vacation, surgery then Thanksgiving and of course Christmas. But better late then never the review is finally done and I am excited to share it with you. In addition to that I am going to Giveaway all of these toys to one of  my Lucky Readers.

So I called in my Toy Testers and that would be my 10 year old daughter and 2 of her Best Friends to do the testing for me.

Here are the Toy Story Action Links I received to Test:

  • Jessie to the Rescue
  • Sunnyside Breakout
  • Evil Dr. Porkchop Attacks
  • Junkyard Escape
  • Buzz Saves the Train
  • 7  Buddy Packs (Figures)

First thing was to take all of these out of their packages, now this took some time. Then each of the Playsets had to be put together which my son helped us to do. Then I set them all up on my kitchen table to let the girls get to work. The fun part about these Action Links is how they all connect together and you then set them into position and at your starting point you hit the button and a chain reaction occurs setting each one of them into motion. It reminds me of Dominoes and if you blink you may just miss it, but then that is the fun of setting it all up again. The little figures are really cute too, my favorite has to be Lotso.

Now one thing that concerned me about this toy was that if you are working on resetting the pieces and accidentally hit one it will set them all off. Kinda just like Dominoes – you know when you work so hard setting them up and you are almost done and then they all knock down – Frustrating right?  Imagine a young child having that happen to them over and over. Just Sayin’. Good thing is that they can play with the toys without setting them up to go off as well.

So what did My Toy Testers Think? Well they found them to be a lot of fun. They really liked taking turns setting them up and watching the chain reaction. This actually kept them busy for awhile. I think young kids will really enjoy these toys, but do know you will be having to help them often with this toy. They gave them 2 Thumbs Up !!

Here is a Quick Video showing the Toys in action – Notice this was Take 5 (lol)

Now lets move onto the Giveaway. I decided to Giveaway all the Toys Story 3 Action Links Toys used in this review to One Lucky Winner. Do note that they have only been played with once (during the review) and they will not come sealed in their packages. Approx Retail Value of these Toys is $125.00

This HUGE set of Toy Story 3 Toys will make someone very happy !!!

So how do you enter to win? It is Easy:

You may Enter once or 4 times to increase you chances by doing the following, but you must complete the Mandatory Entry to qualify:

  • MANDATORY ENTRY: Tell me who you would like to win these Toy Story 3 Action Links Toys for – Be sure your email is attached to your Comment so we can contact you if you are a Winner.
  • BONUS ENTRY: Become our Fan on Facebook and leave me a comment saying you are part of the FB Party. (If you are already just leave a comment saying so for the extra entry)
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This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only, 18 years old or over, all winners will be chosen by This giveaway will end February 19th at 12:01 am Eastern time and the winner will be announced soon after.  If the winner does not respond to my email within 48 hours then I will pick a new winner. Toys will be mailed via USPS.

The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

Congratulations Amy – You are the winner !!! Woot Woot


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  1. Crystal says:

    Oh my goodness my son would go nutty over these!! Thanks for the opportunity!!
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    I’m already a fan of your great FB page!!

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    How great!
    My nephew would LOVE these. I want to win for him.

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    I’d like to take these to the kids at Ronald McDonald House.

  5. Jennifer york says:

    My son loves toy story he would love this thank u

  6. Rachele S says:

    Thank you for reviewing these. My son has been asking for them for his birthday. They look so cute!

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    I would love to win these for my little boy. He is toy story crazy right now!

  17. Amy says:

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    OMG my son would pee himself. I’d give them to him

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    These would without a doubt be for my daughter, the biggest Toy Story fan in the world!

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    I would like to win these for my 2 boys

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  27. My little 4 year old son Josiah would LOVE these!

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