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Transformers 3 Party Supplies

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The new Transformers Dark of the Moon Movie will have lots of boys asking for a Transformers Party, so let me show you some of the Transformers 3 Party Supplies available to help bring it to life.

Transformers 3 is hitting theaters July 2011 and I know my son and hubby are counting the days until the movie is out and as a matter of fact they just watched Transformers 1 & 2 again to refresh so they are ready for the new Movie. Boys go crazy over these Transformers and yes so do girls – because I know I really enjoy them as well.

I think I have a crush on Bumbleebee – he is just so cute isn’t he? I also secretly wish my own car would transform and I am so sure I am not alone with that thought either – right?

Now lets talk Party Supplies !!!

Start the party off with some cool invites. I find that Ebay has a great variety of Transformers 3 Party Invitations including Transformers Ticket Style Invitations and Transformers VIP Pass Invitations which I think are perfect being the party is based on the Movie.

All of the Invitations can be personalized with your party information and you can even add a picture of the Birthday Child on some.

Most EBay sellers now give you the option to print them from home which is great for all of you last minute party planners.

You know who you are – lol !!!

There is no lack of Transformers Party Supplies on the market, but here are the new Transformer 3 Party Supplies to go along with the new Dark of the Moon Movie.

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