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Uglydoll Party Supplies are Here and they are NOT Ugly at all

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There are so many Uglydoll fans out there that will be so excited for these New Uglydoll Party Supplies. Of course they are NOT Ugly at all – they are super cute !! This is a great Party Theme for any age.

What do you think of these New Uglydoll Party Supplies? I think they are long overdue and I still do not understand why they call these dolls Ugly?(lol).

Uglydolls have been around since 2001 when they first entered the market and not long after became a huge success. And 1o years+ they are still going strong and now they have entered into the party world.

I am so excited – I have always been an Uglydoll Fan myself – I think they are great. Are you ready to party Uglydoll Style?

If so you can order these Uglydoll Party Supplies here:

Ugly Doll Party Supplies

I must say this Uglydoll Party Line is HUGE !!! There are so many items available for this theme it will blow your mind. Not only that each and every item is adorable. Let me give you a small taste of some of my favorites from these party supplies to show you what I am talking about:

I love the Uglydoll Party Game – you have to pin the Eye on Ox and the Blindfold – so cute!!! How about those Uglydoll Balls (haha), the Uglydoll Paddle Game with the eyeball, The little Uglydoll Figures, the Uglydoll Mask, Party Hats, Baseball Cap ahhhhhh. How about Uglydoll Balloon – in the mylar there is a bunch of the characters available and they even have cool latex balloons. Lots of Uglydoll decorations too. My head is spinning jusy typing this – I love it all and this is just a small taste of the entire line !!!

Here is a little Uglydoll Cupcake inspiration for ya – these are very EASY to create for your party. These cuties were done by Animated Cupcakes, they make a lot of amazing cupcakes so be sure to check out their website too.

Want Cake instead? Check out this Uglydoll Cake in the likeness of Uglydoll Wage created by Pegleg Penny’s Test Kitchen and guess what? She has a tutorial РBONUS !!

Come on tell me you are not inspired to have a Uglydoll Birthday Party Theme after seeing all of this? I may just have to have one for the fun of it. What I love the most is that this theme works for any age, even mine !!

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