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How to Make Vanilla Pudding Jack-O-Lantern Push Ups

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Check out this Fun and Easy Halloween Treat for the kids made with Vanilla Jell-O Pudding. These Jack-O-Lantern Push Ups will be a big hit at your Halloween or Fall Parties for sure.

It has been awhile since I used my Push Up Containers so I thought it was time to break them out for a fall treat idea I had. We love Jell-O Pudding in my house and it is also a great snack for the kids after school. So I had this idea to dress up my Clear Push Up Containers to look like Jack-O-Lanterns and fill them with Vanilla Pudding I colored Orange – so I did just that and I think they turned out adorable.

I have used Pudding in my Push Ups before when I made these Sunburst Frozen Jell-O Pudding Push Ups, but this time I decided to not freeze them. At first I was worried it would not work well with the pudding not frozen in these containers, BUT to my surprise it worked out great. We did not have to use spoons to eat it either – we just pushed up the bottom as we ate it. And it was yummy because of course I ate a couple too !!

I have to show you just how EASY these were to create so you can make some for the kids too.

Here is what I used to create these Jack-O-Lantern Push Ups:

 When I first thought about doing this I was going to use Black Duct Tape to make my Pumpkin Face, but I ended up 86ing that idea since it was a real pain to cut (that is why you see Duct Tape with a big X on it in the photo). Next I lined up my Push Up Containers on my lovely shoe box stand – hey what ever works right?

Then using my Black Marker I drew out some Stems on my Brown Construction Paper and then cut them out. I then did the same to create some Green leaves using the Green Construction Paper and using the Black Construction Paper I cut out my Pumpkin Faces.

Next I just bent back the bottom of the stem and using a Glue Dot I stuck a leaf on the stem. Then using another Glue Dot I stuck the stem onto the top of the Push Up Container. Then I took my Pumpkin Face and using Glue Dots I attached it to the Push Up Container.  How EASY is that?

Can I just add that I LOVE Glue Dots. The other thing I love is that when the kids are done eating these they easily peel off and my Push Up Containers are ready to be cleaned and used again for another treat.

Next I just added some of the Orange Food Coloring Gel to my Vanilla Pudding until I got a nice orange color. I filled up my Push Up Containers and stuck on the covers and that is it.

Come on How cute are they? and so EASY to make.

When the kids came home from school they had a fun surprise snack. My daughter’s BFF stopped by and got in on the snack action too.

I am tellin ya if you do not have some of these Clear Push Up Containers you better get some – I have so much fun using these. I actually have to order some more since I have used mine so much a few of them broke.

I have so many more ideas so Stay Tuned…..


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  1. These are so cute and look so easy to make! Thanks!! -Steph

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