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Welcome the Zhu-Fari to the Zhu-niverse

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Cepia, the makers of Zhu Zhu Pets, have just added a new line to the ever growing Zhu-niverse. Lets welcome the Zhu-Fari !! A line of Safari animals and playsets the kids are gonna go crazy for.

Just when you thought the Zhu-niverse could not get any bigger, think again. I had a feeling after seeing the new Quest for Zhu Movie that some Safari Zhu Zhu Pets would be on their way. In the movie they travel through the Zhu-Fari and make some new friends. Well those new friends turned into toys that will be available just in time for the holiday season and they are adorable – I am very excited about these.

Just like the Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters these Zhu-Fari Pets work the same way. Press the button on their back or nose to hear their Jungle sounds and watch them run around in all directions. The Zhu-Fari Pets come in a variety of jungle animals, including an Elephant, Giraffe, Zebra, Lion, Monkey, Leopard and some of them even have babies.

NOTE: These are just being released and at this time are not available. I will update this post as they do become available. I have done my best to bring you lots of information on this new line so you are ahead of the game with the kiddos !!

Let me show you some pictures of the new Zhu-Fari Pets and Playsets that will be available:

OMG – How cute are they? Sooooo cute !!! and this is just the beginning…

There is Jack the Lion who comes with Baby Wilder, Ozzy the Monkey who also comes with Baby Banana, Zulu the Giraffe also comes with Baby Button. Baako the Zebra, Wharton the Elephant and Zuri the Leopard.

The Babies are not motorized.

Take a look at the Zhu-Fari Playsets !! I love the colors of these don’t you?

Here is what is available:

Zhu-Fari Lion Park Playset

Zhu-Fari Jiggle Bug Jungle Playset

Zhu-Fari Zippidy Zip Line Playset

Zhu-Fari Rover Vehicle

Zhu-Fari Lions Rock Playset

Zhu-Fair Hippo Pond with Power Pod

Zhu-Fari Lemur Tree with Power Pod

Zhu-Fari Penguin Ice Rink with Power Pod

Of course the kids Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters are always welcome in the Zhu-Fari !!

You can now find all of these new cuties on Amazon Here: Zhu-Fari

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