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10 Cool Robot Costumes for Kids

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If you are in the market for a Robot Costume for your little one I am gong to share with you 10 of the coolest ones right here.

I want to say Robots are back in style, but I am not sure they ever went out.  I have just been seeing a lot of Robot Birthday Parties lately more than I have in years so that is what has me writing this post. In looking at Robot Party Ideas I have seen so many cool Robot Costumes in my web travels that I decided to share some of my favorite finds.

Now all of the Robot Costumes I am going to share with you can be purchased. BUT if you are creative you can easily create one and the best part is that a Robot Costume is fun to make and there is no right or wrong. I also bet the kids would love to be involved in building their costume too !!

This Inflatable Robot Head And Blaster is one of my favorites. Just pair that up with a cool shirt and pants and you are good to go. This will no doubt be an attention getter. ♥

How cute is this Children’s Place Robot Costume? I love that this is soft and comfy for the kids to wear and also cute & sweet – a Robot can be cute & sweet right?

Oh the Retro Robot Costumea true Classic – this one brings me back to my childhood days – OMG I am in the Retro category – Yikes !!

Takin’ it to Space with this Space Robot Costume !!

I could not forget about Star Wars and the robots we fell in love with in the movie right? So how about a C3PO Costume or the cute R2D2 Costume?

Now lets go half Human and half Robot with this new Cyborg Costumethat came out this year – Boys are going to love this !!

Ok now these Glowbot Costumes are way cool.  These come with the Black Suits and the Glow Sticks to attach and are available in different colors. You can also purchase refill Glow Sticks to wear over and over. These costumes are obviously best at night and are always a HUGE hit.

This Robot Costume is a lot of fun and it comes with everything you see including the Robot Pincher Hand covers – gotta have pinchers to pick thing up !! I really like this one it is exactly what I think of when I think Robots – just adorable !!

How could I not add the Wall-E Costumeto my 10 Cool Robot Costumes. I loved this movie and I loved Wall-E, he is just beyond cuteness !!

And last but not least on my list are these New Rock’em Sock ‘em Robot Costumes !!! Red Rocker and the Blue Bomber ♥

So there you have it 10 Cool Robot Costumes for the kiddos !!

There are many other Robot Costumes out there that are just as cool, but these are my personal favorites that I think the kids will love. Remember if you are having a Robot Birthday Party then why not let the kids dress up as a Robot to greet their guests using their best Robot voice of course !!

Costumes are not just for Halloween ya know !! ( I said that in my Robot Voice – just FYI – lol)

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