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12 Easy Halloween Party Food Ideas that the Kids will Love

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When it comes time to plan your Halloween Party for the kids you also have to think about what type of food you will be serving them. I have chosen to share with you 12 Fun Halloween Party Food Ideas that are so Easy to make and the kids will definitely love to eat them – even if some of them look Gross and Spooky !!!

The 12 Halloween Party Food Ideas I am going to share with you all come from – where you can find a lot of great recipes for every occasion. These happen to be my picks that are a lot of fun and food I think the kids will actually eat at the party. You will find some pretty Gross looking Halloween Food Recipes out there, which is fine – on Halloween it is all about the Gross Factor, BUT you have to keep in mind the kids when planning your menu.

So when you are deciding what to serve at your Halloween Party you want to serve fun foods that may look Gross and Spooky, but are foods that are familiar to the kids and just changed up to look icky. A party is really not the time to get kids to eat foods they have never tried before – trust me you will be wasting your money and your time preparing them.

My 12 Easy Halloween Party Food Picks are a fun Mix of Sweet and Salty and would make up a Perfect Halloween Party Menu for the Kids

Take a Look at my picks:

1. Banana Ghosts – These are Bananas Dipped into a White Chocolate and Frozen with Candy Eyes and Mouth and a Popsicle Stick Holder.

2. Apple Bites – Just some Apple Quarters with some Sliced Almond Teeth are used to create these.

3. Cheesy Corns – These are Cheesy Pizza Slices made to look like Candy Corn – Just take a Pizza Crust and layer Different Colored Cheeses & Bake – So Simple

4. Cheese Finger Food – These are just String Cheese Sticks with Green Bell Pepper Finger nails glued on with some Cream Cheese – Gross & Yummy

5. Goblin Grins – Pea Pod Mouth, Red Pepper Tongue and Sliced Almonds create these treats – I love these

6. Hot Dog Mummies – Just Hot Dogs Wrapped Up in Refrigerated Breadsticks with Mustard Eyes – YUM

7. Mini Witches Brooms – Thin Pretzel Sticks and Fruit Roll Ups Cut and stuck onto pretzel with some Water Glue will create these – Too Cute

8. Salty Bones – All you need is Refrigerated Breadstick Dough and some Coarse Salt to create these Bones. These have to be my favorite of all 12 I think.

9. Monster Toes – Wrap up some Cocktail Wieners with Tortillas and at the tip give them a Ketchup Toenail – Yucky Looking, but delicious.

10. Pizza Mummies – These are Delicious English Muffin Pizzas with the Cheeses placed in strips so when it melts it looks like a mummy –  The eyes are just Black Olive slices with Green Scallions in the middle. My family Loves English Muffin Pizzas and I will be making these I think for Halloween Dinner myself.

11. Forked Eyeballs – These SWEET Eyeballs were made using Donut Holes dipped into White Chocolate melted from a bag of White Chocolate Chips, Then a Chocolate Chip was added on along with some Red Icing lines to give it that blood shot look. They just stick them on some Plastic Forks and they are ready to be devoured.

12. Potato Skin Ghosts – Cut up some Potato Skins, Season and Bake. Then Slather on some Sour Cream and create you face using some Cut Green Scallions. Too Easy !!!

Does it get any easier than that for your Halloween Party Menu?

Also have some fun with your displays and serving dishes on the table. You can even add in some fun Food Tags with what you are calling each food to make it even more fun for the kids. There are so many great ideas out there – this is just 12 of the many you can find.

Just have Fun, Be Creative and Think Gross, but Edible !!!


14 Responses to “12 Easy Halloween Party Food Ideas that the Kids will Love”
  1. My grandkids will love these. can’t wait to make some – of course, I’ll have the two older ones help me!

  2. Scared of halloween says:

    Ahaha, the chinese fingers scare the living hell out of me! Potato skin ghosts are cute, I could eat those every day 🙂
    Thanks for a great post, I’ll share that around, loved it!

  3. stephany says:

    AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wanna make al of them!!!

  4. Márcia Helena Spinelli says:

    It’s very cool your blog! I’m english teacher in the public school in Campo Grande – Mato Grosso do Sul – Brazil and me and my students LOOOOOOVE! Halloween Party and your culture! I’m using the ideas recipes for a questions evaluation and for our party next week! Congratulations for all…

  5. Thanks for the good words and I bet you are the best teacher ever !!!

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