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13 Kids Halloween Party Craft Ideas that are Spookalicious

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Are you looking for some fun Halloween Craft Ideas for the kids?  If so I have gathered up 13 of my very favorite Halloween Craft Ideas that I think are just Spookalicious !! These craft ideas are Simple, Easy and would be a great addition to your Halloween Party for the kids.

The photo you see to the left are Bat O Lanterns that were crafted up by my friend Kim. She found this idea in the Family Fun Magazine and recreated them herself. I absolutely loves these Bats and they came out great. I think they are a great craft to have the kids do as well.

Here is What you will Need to Create These Bat O Lanterns:

  • Mini Pumpkins or Plastic ones that will last year to year
  • Black Paint – Acrylic works well
  • Black and White Craft Foam
  • Paint Brushes
  • Glue Dots
  • Black Duct Tape
  • Toothpicks
  • Wood Skewers
  • Black Marker

Start by having the kids paint the Pumpkins Black or you can paint them ahead of time so you do not have to wait for them to dry. Then Cut out your Bat Wings, Ears and Eyes. Family Fun offers Free Templates for all of these Here.  Attach the Wood Skewers to the back of the Bat Wings with the Black Duct Tape and then stick them into the Pumpkin. Do the same with the Ears using the Toothpicks. Then using the Glue Dots stick on your Eyes and add Black Dots. Kim said she used the Duct Tape vs the Glue Dots because it held them on better – so if you have trouble with the Glue Dots go this route.

Now How Easy is that? Kids will love making these and they add some SpooKy Fun to your Halloween Decorations !!

I would like to give a Thank You Shout Out to Kim for letting me share her Bat O Lantern Photo – Great Job Kim !!!

Now Here are 12 More of my Favorite Kids Halloween Crafts

For all the directions to each Craft just Click on the Purple Craft Name

1. Freaky FacesI just love this idea on decorating Pumpkins and the kids will too. Before your Halloween Party go through all your old magazines and cut out all kinds of face parts – Eyes, Noses, Mouths, Hair etc… Have some Glue Dots on hand and let the kids have fun creating their own Freaky Pumpkin Faces – this is gonna be so funny.

2. Bat Socks – These Bats are made from Socks – How cute are they? When you are all done you can hang them upside down from their Pipe Cleaner Feet.

3. Craft Stick Mummy – I just like this guy. These are Easy for the kids to make and they are just adorable.

4. Black Cat Can – I love when you can recycle trash into treasure and this is one of them – This Black Cat is made using a Tin Can !!

5. Black Crow Puppet – The Kids will have fun creating and playing with their Black Crow Puppets when finished. I love this Yarn Crow and think he can stay out year round.

6. Ghost Hands – I thought this Glove with all the Ghost Faces was a really cute idea and I think the kids will think so too – Super Easy.

7. Paper Bag Scarecrow – Let the kids create this adorable Paper Bag Scarecrow and then fill it up with some tasty treats to bring home from the party.

8. Pipe Cleaner Skeleton – I think this little skeleton is super cute and easy for the kids to make. Once done you can hang him up anywhere – you can even place him on your Christmas tree – ohh SpooKy !!! Let the kids get creative with their Skeleton Faces.

9. Spider Bracelets – Now these are awesome – let the kids create and wear a bracelet full of Creepy Spiders – I love that !!!

10.  Witches Hats – This happens to be my favorite craft. These Witch Hats are created using Paper Plates and Party Hats, painted and decorated by each child. They can really show their Witchy Personality with their very own Hat Creation.

11. Owl A Glow Lantern – This Halloween Crafts is a Hoot – sorry had to say it, but seriously How cute is this paper lantern decorated and then lit up? It is so EASY to make too.

12.  Spider Hands – I love Handprint Crafts and this is one of them. Kids simply create a Spider using their own Handprint and some Googly Eyes.

So there you have it my Top 13 Kids Halloween Party Craft Idea Finds. If you have something you would like to share – Contact Me and I would love to show others your work. Have Fun Crafting!!!!

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