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15 Easy Halloween Milk Jug Craft Projects

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There is nothing better than recycling your household trash into a fun craft that you can keep and use over and over again. These 15 Halloween Milk Jug Crafts are just that.  I have compiled 15 of my favorite ones to share with you and inspire you to think again when it comes to tossing out that Milk Jug into recycling when you can take it and create a fun decoration for your home with the kids.

So what will you need to create these? Well some Clean Empty Milk Jugs also know as Gallon Milk Containers. Then depending on which design you are going for you made need some Paints, Foam Sheets, Google Eyes, Markers and other various Craft Supplies.

Get the kids involved in creating some masterpieces of their own using their imaginations to create fun Monsters, Jack O Lanterns, Ghosts and other fun creations.

Each one of the the design below are numbered and will have a link to the project for directions on how to create it. So have fun creating and recycling those Milk Jugs this Halloween. I hope you will be inspired by these as I was – I love them all, but my favorite has to be the Purple Monster pictured at the top left of this page – love him !!!

1. Monster Jug Heads – This is an adorable Jack O Lantern and a Fun Green Monster

2. Eerie Luminarias – Love these – Skeleton, Monster and of course the Cat all lit up down the steps.

3. Gourd O – now as you can see this is not a Milk Jug, but a Laundry Detergent Bottle – is that Clever or what?

4. Ghost Blood – I loved this one that is a Ghost made from a 1/2 Gallon Jug and labeled Ghost Blood as it sat on the table full of milk for the kids at a Halloween Party.

5. Frankenstein Milk Jug – Now this one is very cool – Love It.

6. Spirit Jugs – How cool are these light up Ghost Spirit Jugs? Light up your walk way for those Trick or Treaters

7. Halloween Milk Jug Table Centerpiece – I love how these were used to decorate a Table for Halloween and all lit up.

8. Milk Jug Pumpkin Treat Container – What a fun way to have your Treats at the door for the kids.

9. Milk Jug Monster Treat Container – Now this guy is my favorite of them all – maybe because Purple is my favorite color !!

10. Milk Jug Bat Treat ContainerMake this cutie and watch the kids dig in for their Candy.

11.  Milk Jug Monster Heads – This make for a fun Halloween Bouquet – don’t ya think?

12. Alien Milk Jug – I wonder if this Alien likes milk?

13. Milk Jug Spider Treat ContainerI wonder how many kids will dip in for their treats from this fun Spider.

14. Milk Jug Trick or Treat Buckets -Milk Jugs can also double as your Trick or Treat Buckets.

15. Monster Light JugI like this one too with the stripes of color – anything goes !!

So have I inspired you to recycle those Milk Jugs this Halloween or what? If you create some or have already – send me a photo and I will be happy to share it right here !!!

Oh and don’t forget to see the instructions on how you can make a Milk Jug Skeleton !!


2 Responses to “15 Easy Halloween Milk Jug Craft Projects”
  1. Amanda says:

    What an awesome round up! I’ve only seen a couple of these before, so many great ideas! Thanks for including my monster light jug from Kaboose (#15), really appreciate the shout out! I have something on my own blog too, Monster Yard Lights made from milk jugs
    Thanks again for the great round up!

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